Valentyn Tomusiak

Valentyn Tomusiak

Ukrainian theater and film actor
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Short biography

ValentynTomusyak is a Ukrainian theater and film actor.

Brief biography

Tomusyak was born on January 20, 1983 in the city of Yellow Waters, Dnepropetrovsk region.

He received a higher education at the University of Theater, Film and Television named after Karpenko-Karyy in Kiev. Karpenko-Karolyov University of Theater, Film and Television in Kiev.

He was an actor of the capital's Theater of Young Spectator on Lipki, where he played many roles. Also worked in the theater "Suzirya" and in the Theater of Drama and Comedy on the left bank.

Since 2004, he began acting in movies. Gained popularity among the mass audience in 2015, when the TV channel "Ukraine" released the series "Immortal". In it Tomusiak played one of the main roles - Igor Panin.

He is also known for the series "Serfdom", produced by TV channel STB. In it Tomusiak played a close friend of the main character - Kadoshnikov.

In 2010, the actor became a laureate of the State Prize of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine named after Lesya Ukrainka. Lesya Ukrainka.

Scandal with the "black list" of the Ministry of Culture

On November 3, 2021, it became known that Tomusiak was blacklisted and punished with sanctions for his participation in the Russian propaganda film "Solntsepek" about the war in Donbass. However, the actor claims that he never worked in Russia and did not star in the movie. His name is also absent from the list of actors in the movie.


Tomusiak is married to actress Ekaterina Tyshkevich. The couple met on the set of the TV series "Immortal".

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