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Short biography

Tina Karol (full name - Tatiana G. Liberman) - Ukrainian singer, actress and soloist of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. She is 34 years old.

Tina Karol represented Ukraine at the international contest "Eurovision" in 2006, where she won first place. A year before she represented Ukraine at the contest of young talents "New Wave". In 2012, she is part of the leading team of the show Maidan's. Since 2012, the coach in the project of the channel "1 + 1" - "Voice. Children", since 2013 - the coach in the project "The Voice of the Country".

Tina Karol: personal life

In 2008, the artist got married. Her chosen one was a music producer Evgeny Ogir. In the marriage, the couple had a son Veniamin. But the couple was not together for long. In 2013, Ogir left the life, the cause of death was a severe disease - stomach cancer.

Tina Karol: awards and titles

The artist is a three-time winner of the title "The Most Beautiful Woman in Ukraine" according to VIVA magazine; winner of the "Teletriumph" award as "Best Entertainment Show Host", as well as the Yuna award in the category "Best Singer of the Year". Tina Karol has the medal "For Labor and Valor" and the title "People's Artist of Ukraine".

Tina Karol: albums

2006 - "Nochnenka", Show Me Your Love,

2007 - The Pole of Attraction

2010 - "Power of Love and Voice", "9 Lives".

2014 - "Remembering"

2016 - "Carols"

2017 - "Intonation".

Tina Karol: "Voice. Kids."

Singer Tina Karol's charges on the show "The Voice. Children" two years in a row became winners. In 2015 - Roman Sasanchik, and in 2016 - Elina Ivashchenko.

Tina Karol: "The Voice of the Country."

The winner of the fifth season of the show "The Voice of the Country" in 2015 was a member of Tina Karol's team Anton Kopytin. In the seventh season of the show in 2017, the first place in the finals was also taken by a member of Tina's team - Alexander Klimenko.

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