Sviatoslav Mykhailyuk

Sviatoslav Mykhailyuk

Ukrainian basketball player
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Short biography

Sviatoslav Mykhailyuk is a Ukrainian basketball player, a Legionnaire on the NBA basketball team (NBA) Detroit Pistons.

A brief biography of Sviatoslav Mykhailyuk

Sviatoslav Mikhailuk was born in Cherkassy on June 10, 1997.

He started playing basketball in the junior school of the Cherkassy Mavs basketball club , playing for the club's children and youth teams.

In 2012 he played in the Ukrainian Super League for the first time, appearing in the field in "Cherkaskie Mavps" and played a total of three games during the season. However, in the following season Mykhailyuk played for his team twenty-four games in the Super League and ten more in the Ukrainian Cup.

Sviatoslav Mykhailyuk started playing for the Ukrainian national basketball team back in 2013, playing in the "under sixteen" age group. And already in 2014 he took the field in the main part of the Ukrainian basketball team. In 2016, playing for the youth national team of Ukraine, Mykhailyuk won the title of the most productive and successful player of the team.

In 2014, Mykhailyuk received an invitation from the University of Kansas and began his studies in the United States, where he played for the university basketball team called the Kansas Jayhawks.

Mykhailiuk later participated in the NBA draft process. The 2018 draft he was successful and Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk signed a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers basketball club , but a year later he was traded to the Detroit Pistons BC.

Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk's stats

Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk has played a total of 178 games in his career, including forty-two in the NBA as of 2019.

Online activity.

  • Facebook. Sviatoslav Mykhailyuk's official Facebook page has nearly two thousand regular users.

  • Instagram. More than 132 thousand subscribers follow Sviatoslav Mikhailuk's latest photos on Instagram .

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