Semyon Gorov

Semyon Gorov

Ukrainian director
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Short biography

Semyon Sergeyevich Gorov is a Ukrainian TV director and music video maker.

Brief biography

Semyon Gorov was born in Cherepovets, in the Vologda region of the Soviet Union, on February 26, 1971.

Higher education he studied at the Kiev Karpenko-Karogo University of Art, from which he graduated in 1996.

After graduation from the University, Semyon Gorov worked at Lesya Ukrainka Kyiv Theater, where he worked as a theater director.

Cooperated with the First National TV Channel of Ukraine, directed New Year's Eve shows and concerts. Later he switched to Inter TV channel and from there to 1+1.

He was a producer of a pop music band SMS and wrote lyrics for several songs of the band.

Directs the popular television show Zirka+Zirka on the 1+1 channel.

Personal life

Semyon Gorov's first wife is the famous actress Snezhana Egorova.

The second time Semyon Gorov married Yana Pomazan, who is a PR-manager of the restaurant chain "Trump Card".

Semyon has two daughters, Anastasia and Sasha, and a son, Ivan.

Semyon Gorov's clips

Semyon Gorov has about fifty video clips on his account, filmed for a variety of musical groups and individual artists both from Ukraine and Russia. Gorov collaborated with such popular performers as Natasha Koroleva, VIA GRA, Tabula Rasa group, Philip Kirkorov and NeAngels, Reflex group, and - indirectly - Valery Meladze. The most popular of his works in this direction are considered:

  • "Attraction No More " - a music video made for the duo of the group VIA GRA and Valery Meladze.

  • "Ordinary Story " is a music video made for Philip Kirkorov in 2005.

  • "Rendezvous on Betelgeuse " is a music video made for Tabula Rasa.

Semyon Gorov's Films

In total, Semyon Gorov worked on eight projects. Six of them are television musicals, among which "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka" shot in 2001 , which still remains very popular, and "Sorochinskaya Yarmarka", a musical, should be singled out.

In addition, Semyon Gorov directed the TV series "Ostaniy Moskal", which was released on Ukrainian TV screens in 2015.

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