Roman Zozulya

Roman Zozulya

Ukrainian soccer player and volunteer
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Short biography

Roman Vyacheslavovich Zozulya is a famous Ukrainian soccer player, a striker.

Brief biography

Roman Zozulia was born in Kyiv, November 17, 1989.

Roman Zozulia came to soccer in the youth team of "Dynamo" (Kyiv). In 2008 for the first time he played for the "adult" team of FC " Dynamo". He had been playing for Kyiv up to 2011, having played a total of thirty-two matches.

In 2011, Roman Zozulia signed a contract with FC "Dnipro" (Dnipro). Zozulya's game for the Dnipro team was remembered by the fans with the winning goal in the match against Ajax (Amsterdam), which Zozulya dedicated to the UAF fighters, as well as the incident when Roman Zozulya attacked the referee during the match "Dnipro" - "Zoria", for which he was banned for six months.

In 2016, Roman Zozulya left "Dnipro" and signed a contract for three years with the club "Real Betis". But a year later the contract was terminated.

In 2017, he signed a contract with the Spanish team "Albacete".

From 2004 to 2016, Roman Zozulia also played in the national soccer team of Ukraine.

Roman Zozulya is a volunteer and actively helps Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the Donbass. Zozulia is the founder of the "Narodna Armia" charitable foundation , which organizes various events (auctions, bike rallies, etc.) aimed at collecting volunteer funds.

Roman Zozulya is a recipient of the Presidential award "For humanitarian participation in the antiterrorist operation" and the badge "For services to the Armed Forces of Ukraine".

Statistics of Roman Zozulia

In total, as of 2019, Roman Zozulia played a total of 378 soccer matches, including appearances for the national team of Ukraine. In total, he scored 78 goals.

Online activity

On the Internet, Roman Zozulia can be found on the following resources:

  • Facebook: more than 25 thousand people are subscribed to Zozulia's personal Facebook page.

  • Twitter: the athlete's account in the social network Twitter has 23 thousand readers.

  • Instagram: Roman Zozulia's Instagram page, on which he publishes his photos, is subscribed by about four thousand people.

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