Olya Cybulskaia

Olya Cybulskaia

Ukrainian singer and TV presenter
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Short biography

Olga Pavlovna Cy bulska is a Ukrainian singer and TV presenter.

Brief biography of Olga Tsibulskaya

Olga Tsibulska was born on December 14, 1985, in the village of Rokytnoye in Rivne region.

She began her stage career as a child, performing in the school KVN team and at various Ukrainian festivals.

Soon after graduation Olga Tsibulska and Dzidzio (aka Mikhail Khoma) met and it was Khoma who convinced Tsibulska to give up going to university and continue her stage career.

In 2007 Olga Tsibulskaya won the first Ukrainian "Star Factory". In duet with Alexander Borodyansky she sang for several more years, shot one music video and recorded three full-fledged singles.

In 2009, Olga Tsibulska's solo career began, and then she started working as a presenter on the radio station "Russian Radio Ukraine".

In 2015, Olga Tsibulska launched her author's video project on Youtube - "The Most Singing News".

And in 2017th year Olga Tsibulskaya starred in a music video with the group DZIDZIO. "Waiting. Cem" quickly became the leader in views in the Ukrainian segment.

What is Olga Cybulska known for

Ukrainian record holder for the number of weddings held as a host. In total, Olga Tsibulskaya has conducted more than six hundred weddings.

Since 2015 Olga Tsibulska has been a permanent presenter of the programs "Golden Gramophone" and M1 Music Awards on M1 TV channel.

Olga Tsibulskaya is a regular member of the "What? Where? When?" club

Olga Tsibulskaya's best songs

According to listeners and critics, the best songs of Olga Tsibulskaya, these are:

  • "Let's press the buttons";

  • "And I need him."

  • "Sonechko";

  • "The Sea";

  • "Suknya bila".

Personal life of Olga Tsibulskaya

The singer is married. Olga Tsibulska's husband is a non-public person. The couple has a son Nestor.

Activity in the network

  • Facebook. On the official page of Olga Tsibulskaya in the social network Facebook is signed by almost twenty thousand regular users.

  • Instagram. The appearance of fresh photos of Olga Tsibulskaya in Instagram is followed by more than seven hundred thousand subscribers.

  • YouTube. Olga Tsibulskaya's Youtube channel has over thirty thousand subscribers.

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