Oleksandr "Teren" Budko

Oleksandr "Teren" Budko

Ukrainian military man, writer, winner of the "Ігор неско нескорених" contest
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Short biography

Oleksandr " Teren" Budko is a Ukrainian defender, veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war. He is the author of the book "The Story of a Stubborn Man".

Brief biography

Alexander Budko was born in the city of Rivne.

There he worked as a barista and studied to be a graphic designer.

From the very beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation went to the front as a volunteer.

At the war he took the call sign "Teren". He commanded a platoon of the Carpathian Rus rifle battalion.

During the fighting in Kharkov region he lost both legs. Then underwent rehabilitation and the process of prosthetics. During rehabilitation he studied at the school of publicist "Voice of War".

He represented Ukraine at the international competitions in Germany "Іgry neskorenykh".

He wrote an autobiographical book "The Story of a Stubborn Man".

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