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Monica Bellucci was born September 30, 1964 in the small Italian town of Città di Castello, in the province of Umbria. Her father was Romano Bellucci, the owner of a trucking company. After graduating from high school, Bellucci enters the Faculty of Law at the University of Perugia. In order to earn money to study she begins to work part-time as a model, it soon becomes her main profession. In 1988 Bellucci left her studies and moved to Milan, the center of the Italian fashion industry. Here she signs a contract with the modeling agency Elite and a year later finds herself in Paris.

At the beginning of her career, she became the face of D&G, posed for the famous Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani and Richard Avedon, who once shot Marilyn Monroe.

By 1989 Monica had already managed to work in Paris and across the ocean - in New York. Despite the fact that she was able to achieve great success in such a short time, having worked at the shows Dolce-Gabbana and Elle, Monica realizes that she can achieve even greater success as an actress. She began attending acting classes and started learning English and French.

Monica Belucci - one of the few models who posed twice for the famous calendar "Pirelli" for which once a year selects the 12 most beautiful women in the world. However, because of the model Monica had to quit university. Monica Belucci, in parallel with posing for photographs, started acting in Italian films. In 1992 the brother of the famous director Francis Ford Coppola saw her on the cover of a magazine, and Monica got a small role as the bride of Count Bram Stoker's "Dracula", where her partners in the shooting were Winona Ryder, Gary Oldman, Keanu Reeves and Anthony Hopkins. The film did not become Monica's breakthrough into the Hollywood firmament, but she was noticed in America.

In addition to Italian films Monica Belucci actively starred in France. The most famous of her French works - "The Apartment", "Doberman", "Fellowship of the Wolf. In 1996, Bellucci successfully debuted in French cinema, starring in the film "The Apartment. For her role in this film, the actress is nominated for a Cesar Award. On the set of the film "Apartment" Monica Bellucci meets her future husband French actor Vincent Cassel. This is how she recalls this meeting: <i>"When I first saw him next to the set, I thought how awful he was. When I first saw him play, I thought how beautiful he was"</i>. "The Apartment" is an amazingly beautiful film. Monica resembles a young Isabelle Adjani in it, and you can't take your eyes off her beautiful and sad face. "Doberman" became a real European hit, and probably all men fell in love with Monica's character, the deaf gypsy girl. After these films Monica continued to act in Europe, gradually earning a reputation as a very beautiful woman, and a good actress. In 2000 the film "Malena" comes out, which finally approved Bellucci as a talented actress. This picture has brought Monica world fame. In "Malena" Monica Bellucci again got the role of a woman who dreams of all men. And finally, it was Monica entrusted the role in the continuation of Hollywood's main hit of recent years "The Matrix". For this role, many actresses, but it was chosen Monica.

Along with Kassel, Monica starred in a number of paintings, among which the most notable "Doberman" (1997), "Brotherhood of the Wolf" (2001), "Irreversibility" (2002). The latter film was a sensation at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival. There is a 9-minute scene of violence in the picture (heroine Bellucci is brutally raped by a drug addict) caused a storm of negative reaction from the audience, some of whom left the room in protest. What is interesting: the film won a prize at the Stockholm Film Festival.

Monica Belucci is called the "second Sophia Loren" and, indeed, she has much in common with the sultry Italian superstar, for example, the origin and pronounced shape. Sophia Loren was spotted by a director in a beauty pageant, while Monica came to the movies from modeling. Sophia Loren managed in the end to prove that she is a good actress, Monica Bellucci is gradually proving it. But the look of Monica, I think, is more reminiscent of the French movie star Isabelle Adjani - they are similar unreal beauty and ability to reliably play out the most incredible passions. We hope that in the future Monica Bellucci will not stop filming in Europe, because European cinema, in contrast to American, is more conducive to the disclosure of the talent of a beautiful actress, not looking at her only as a dummy.

Having long left the modeling business, Monica did not stop acting, she became more selective. The actress rejected an offer from "Playboy" for a photo shoot worth more than 3 million dollars, but appeared on the cover of Esquire, dressed only in black caviar.

It should be noted that European movie stars treat their bodily nudity in movies more relaxed and natural than the American ones. That's why Monica Bellucci is not shy to pose for nude photographers - and most of Monica's erotic photos, which are filled with hundreds of galleries - the real thing. Of course, it is taken only with the best photographers, and therefore the pictures are very beautiful.

Since 2001, Monica Belluci is the face of the jewelry company "Cartier".

Despite the fact that Monica was able to reach unprecedented heights in the fashion business, and acting career, she does not give up the dream of one day to play along with her idol - Robert De Niro.

Monica Belucci is married. Her husband - the famous French actor Vincent Cassel, with whom she appeared in several films. In the fall of 2004 they had a baby girl, who was named Virgin.

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