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Keira Knightley

British actress
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Short biography

KeiraKnightley is an English and American actress.

Brief Biography

Keira Knightley was born in London, March 26, 1985 into an acting family.

Already at age three, in exchange for excellent academic performance, Keira Knightley was promised his own agent. During every school vacation Knightley diligently studied acting.

As a result, when Knightley was six years old, she got her own agent, and a year later she first appeared on the big screen, starring in the movie "Royal Celebration".

For the next five years Keira Knightley starred in four movies, a number of European TV series and several entertainment shows.

In 1999, thanks to her uncanny resemblance to Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley starred in the first episode of "Star Wars " - "The Phantom Menace", playing the role of one of the doppelganger maids of Queen Amidala.

After that Keira Knightley performed several roles in the series, as well as in feature films. Substantially raised her rating with the movie "Play as Bekhkem", released in 2002. In the same year Keira Knightley went to college, but very soon was forced to abandon her studies, as she simply did not have enough time.

In 2003 Keira Knightley got the lead female role in the first "Pirates of the Caribbean", and later played in the second and third parts of the "Pirates". It is these tapes, in which the actress appeared on the same screen with such celebrities as Johnny Dapp and Orlando Bloom, gave Keira Knightley incredible popularity in Hollywood.

Personal life

To date, the actress is married. Keira Knightley's husband is a British musician, the vocalist of the band Klaxons, James Wrighton. The couple began to meet back in 2011, but they played the wedding only in 2013.

The couple is raising a daughter Edie, which Keira Knightley gave birth to in 2015.

Filmography of Keira Knightley

In total, on the account of Keira Knightley - 36 feature films, as well as eight TV films and TV series. According to critics and audiences, Keira Knightley's best movies are:

  • "Star Wars. Episode I: The Hidden Menace."

  • "The Pit."

  • "Play Like Beckham."

  • "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl."

  • "Anna Karenina."

  • "Jack Ryan: Chaos Theory."

Online activity

Keira Knightley appears surprisingly little online. The most popular is her Twitter page. In turn, neither Keira Knightley's Instagram account, with her photos, nor her Facebook page, is particularly well known.

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