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Short biography

Susana Dzhamaladinova (Dzhamala) is a Ukrainian Crimean Tatar singer.

Brief biography

Jamala was born in Osh, Kyrgyzstan on August 27, 1983.

In 1989, Jamala with her parents returned to the Crimean peninsula.

She was engaged in music at an early age, and when she was nine years old she recorded her first song professionally.

Jamala graduated from Kiev Musical Academy named after Tchaikovsky, where she received her higher education. Tchaikovsky Music Academy in Kiev. Initially Jamala planned an opera career, particularly at the opera theater "La Scala" in Milan, but in 2009 she was offered to perform in Jurmala at the festival "New Wave". As a result, by agreeing to participate in the festival, Jamala won the "New Wave", sharing first place with the participant from Indonesia.

Jamala gave her first solo concert in 2011 at the "Oktyabrsky" palace.

In 2017, Jamala appeared on the TV channel "1+1", in the seventh season of the Ukrainian project "The Voice of the Country" as one of the star coaches.


In 2010, Jamala participated in the National selection for Eurovision 2010 with the song "Smile", but lost, taking only third place in the final of the selection.

At Eurovision 2016, Jamala represented Ukraine with the song "1944", and as a result won the competition.

At Eurovision 2018, Jamala became a member of the jury of the National Selection in Ukraine.

"Voice. Kids."

In the fifth season of the show "Voice. Children", Jamala together with DZIDZIO and the group "Time and Glass" made up the jury of star coaches.

Jamala's songs.

According to critics and listeners, Jamala's best songs are:

  • "1944".

  • "Smile."

  • "Zliva."

  • "Shlyakh Dodomu."

  • "Cactus."

  • "Podich."

  • "Plundered."

  • "It's Me, Jamala."

Personal life

Jamala is married. Jamala's husband is Seyit-Bekir Suleymanov. The singer has a son - Emir-Rahman Seit-Bekir ogli Suleymanov. For the first time it became known that Jamala is pregnant in November 2017.

Network activity

  • Facebook. Jamala's Facebook page has 120,000 followers.

  • Twitter. Jamala's Twitter account already has 15 thousand followers.

  • Instagram. Jamala's latest photos on Instagram are followed by almost 730 thousand users.

  • YouTube. Jamala's YouTube channel has gathered 70 thousand subscribers.

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