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Hugh John Mungo Grant, a popular actor from the United Kingdom, was born on September 9, 1960 in London, in the family of an artist, who later became a small businessman who traded carpets.

After studying at high school, Hugh went to college at Oxford University to get a profession of art criticism. During his student days, one of Grant's fellow students, Michael Hoffman (future famous Hollywood director), offered him to make a movie. And this idea was successful - the movie "Privileged", which premiered in London in 1982, was the debut for Hugh. After the release of this picture Grant was interested in many agents of show business, prophesying him the glory of the star.

The next few years, Hugh Grant was much filmed on television (in show programs and series), and also played in the theater. Then followed the first success in the movie - the picture "Maurice" (1987), where Hugh played the role of one of the gay students. His talent noticed. And in 1988 he starred in several films, which, however, did not bring him success. But gave something else - on the set of one of the films (melodrama "Rowing in the Wind"), he met his future love, Elizabeth Hurley, who later played a significant role in promoting his acting career (together they even organized their own studio Simian Films).

In 1994, Hugh Grant finally came to recognition and fame. It happened thanks to the movie "Four Weddings and One Funeral," where the actor played with Andie MacDowell. This romantic comedy awaited great success, much of which fell to Grant himself - for the best role in this movie, he received two prestigious awards: "Golden Globe" and "BAFTA".

Then his acting career began to develop rapidly - he began to talk about him as a new Hollywood star. However, Grant managed to spoil his own reputation. In the summer of 1995, after approval for a role in the movie "Sense and Sensibility", he was caught in the car known throughout Los Angeles prostitute Divine Brown, where they engaged in oral sex. After this case, Grant's career "went downhill", and during 1997, 1998, he did not even have a single role in the movie.

But this is not the end of the story of the famous actor. He managed to regain former popularity (largely thanks to Elizabeth Hurley, who literally pulled Grant "out of the shadows"). After the role in the movie "Notting Hill" (1999), where Hugh played with the inimitable Julia Roberts, his star rose again in the Hollywood sky. For his role in this picture Grant was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Returning to the Hollywood "Olympus", Grant began to shoot a lot, among the paintings with his participation the most successful can be called: "Bridget Jones's Diary" (2001), "My Boy" (2002), which brought another nomination for the "Golden Globe", "Real Love" (2003), the sequel "Bridget Jones's Diary: The Edge of Reason" (2004).

Now the actor continues to shoot, and in the near future, fans of Hugh Grant will be able to see their idol in new films.

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