Elena Kravets

Elena Kravets

Kvartal 95 Studio actress
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Short biography

Yelena Kravets is an actress and admindirector of Studio Kvartal 95.

Brief biography

Elena Kravets was born in Krivoy Rog, January 1, 1977.

In her school years Elena Kravets was engaged in amateur art, performed in the school theater and worked with the school wall newspaper.

Kravets received her higher education in the Krivoy Rog Economic Institute. She graduated with a diploma of economist-financier.

She came to the big stage while still studying at the institute, joining the KVN team from the Institute of Business Administration, as there was no KVN team in her university.

In 1997 Elena Kravets was invited to perform with the KVN team "Zaporozhye - Krivoy Rog - Transit", but with the team she cooperated for a short time, because in 1998 Kravets went to the "95th Quarter", then still a KVN team.

During her studies and after graduation Elena Kravets managed to work as a presenter at the local radio station, bank accountant, cashier and even director of the McDonald's branch in Krivoy Rog.

In 2000 Elena Kravets moved to Kiev, where she took the position of the administrative director of the Studio "Kvartal 95".

In 2005, after the appearance of the show "Evening Kvartal" on Ukrainian air, Elena Kravets became its permanent actress.

In addition, Elena Kravets participated in almost all projects of the Studio "Kvartal 95". The most famous of her works are considered:

  • "Servant of the People" - in three seasons of the TV series Elena Kravets played the role of Goloborodko's ex-spouse Olga Mishchenko.

  • "Laughing League " - in this show, in fact, the Ukrainian alternative to KVN, Elena Kravets occupied the coach's chair.

  • "Women's Quarter " - Elena Kravets leads a new project branch of "Evening Quarter", focused on women.

"Evening Quarter".

On the stage of "Evening Quarter" Olena Kravets became famous and remembered by the audience first of all thanks to the image of Yulia Tymoshenko, which in Ukraine is firmly associated with Kravets.

Also on her account are parodies of Nadezhda Savchenko and Natalia Korolevska, Elena Malysheva and Ulyana Suprun.

Personal life

The actress is married. The husband of Elena Kravets is Sergei Kravets, with whom Elena married in 2002. The couple has three children - daughter Maria and twins Ivan and Katerina.

Dancing with the Stars

Elena Kravets became a participant of the new season of the show "Dancing with the stars" on the TV channel "1+1" in 2019.

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