Dmytro Shurov

Dmytro Shurov

The leader of the group Pianoboy
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Short biography

Dmitry G. Shurov is a famous Ukrainian singer, the leader of the band Pianoboy.


Dmitry Shurov was born in Vinnitsa on October 31, 1981. He studied at the French Lyceum, and later in the U.S. on an exchange program. Graduated from the Kyiv National Linguistic University.

His wife is Olga Tarakanovskaya. The family has a son, Lev, who was born in 2003.

In 2000 he joined the then already popular Okean Elzy band. As a part of the group worked on two albums and played in three tours in Ukraine and CIS countries. In 2004 he left the band.

Later he played in the band Esthetic Education. However, he left the band when he was offered to play with singer Zemfira.

As a member of Zemfira's band he took part in recording of several albums and played more than a hundred concerts.

Dmitry Shurov has been a guest on the show "95th Quarter," in the eighth season of the show "X-Factor" he was one of the jury members.


In 2009, Dmitry Shurov founded his own solo project, calling it Rіapoboy.

The first performance of the new group in September 2009 was held at Moloko Music Fest.

In November of the same year the first song "Smysla.net" appeared on TV and radio, and in December Rіnoboy had their first concert in Kiev.

In 2010 the band started recording their first studio album, as well as a club tour around the country.

Rinoboy actively collaborates with TNMK and Boombox. In particular, with the latter group recorded joint singles and video clips, together performed at various concerts.

Songs .

Together with Okean Elzy Shurov recorded three albums: "Model", "Tvi Format" and "Supersymmetry".

At Zemfira he took part in recording live albums "Zemfira.Live2" and "Crocus/Strelka".

The band Ripoboy in turn recorded four albums: "Simple Things", "Kohannia", "Take Off" and "Don't Stop Dreaming".

The band's best songs are considered:

  • "No Meaning," the first song by Pinoboy.

  • "Etaji " - together with the band Boombox.

  • "Homeland " - recorded in 2014.

  • "Servant of the People " - the title theme of the series of the same name by the studio "Kvartal 95".

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