Denis Kazansky

Denis Kazansky

Journalist, blogger, member of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group
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Short biography

Denys Kazansky is a journalist from Donetsk.

In 2011-2014, he worked for the online publication Ostrov.

In 2014, he wrote for Ukrayinsky Tyzhden magazine.

In 2015, he became editor-in-chief of the "Fourth Power" website.

He was nominated for mayor of Yenakiieve on behalf of UDAR party in the extraordinary elections of the city mayor in 2012.

Web site and online activity

Denis Kazansky gained popularity on the web thanks to his author materials, mostly dedicated to the war against Russia in Donbas and domestic politics of Ukraine.

In addition to the author's blog on OBOZREVATEL and his own website, Denis Kazansky's materials can be found on the following resources:

  • LIVEJOURNAL. Kazansky's LiveJournal page has not been updated since 2017, but is a handy archive of old articles.

  • Facebook. There are more than 78,000 people subscribed to Kazansky on Facebook .

  • Twitter. Denis Kazansky's Twitter account has been active since 2011 and has already gathered 90,000 readers.

  • YouTube. Denis Kazansky's YouTube channel publishes releases of his video blog. The channel already has 38,000 subscribers.

  • Telegram. Denis Kazansky also runs his own Telegram channel, with two thousand participants.

Feeding the news

Denis Kazansky covers in detail and with humor the endless blunders, mistakes and failures of the terrorists of the "L/DPR" and the Russian occupation administration.

He regularly informs about key problems arising on the territory of the ORDLO - from another defeat of terrorists and Russian regular troops at the front, to the economic destruction of the occupied territories.

Denis Kazansky tirelessly debunks the myths and fakes of the Russian propaganda media about Ukraine.

In addition, the blogger also closely follows the internal political processes in Ukraine itself. He evaluates and researches Ukrainian presidential candidates, and covers high-profile Ukrainian scandals, such as corruption at Ukroboronprom or the odious statements of Viktor Medvedchuk. He also tells about the successes of the state: new hospitals, successful reforms, courageous public projects.

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