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Christopher Nolan was born in London on July 30, 1970 in an Anglo-American family. Christopher's mother is American, his father is English. Educated at the University of London, where he studied English literature. The first experiments with a movie camera conducts at the age of eight. Debuts in 1988 with a feature film "Next", shot for only 6000 dollars. The picture is hotly debated at various film festivals. In 2000, Nolan creates another low-budget picture "Memento", shot on the same name story of his brother Jonathan. For this work, the brothers are nominated for an Oscar.

Despite the fact that the first works of Nolan often represent philosophical studies, the prospect of becoming a favorite of the audience of auteur cinema young and ambitious Christopher is not charming. In 2002, Nolan finishes work on the stylization of the Scandinavian film "Insomnia" for English-speaking audiences, in the shooting of the film took part world stars (Robin Williams and Al Pacino). Released on the screen picture, makes talk about Nolan, as the hope of box office cinematography. The sharks of the movie industry are paying attention to him.

Thanks to the close attention of movie studios, Nolan is not difficult to find funds for his new work, this time a historical film "The Prestige". Once again Christopher is working on the script with his brother, once again a stellar cast: David Bowie, Scarlett Johansson, Michael Caine and others. On screens "The Prestige" comes out only at the end of 2006, because before that, Nolan takes up work on a comic book movie about "Batman".

In 2005, the director finishes work on his first full-fledged blockbuster. On the screens of theaters prequel "Batman: The Beginning" appears in the summer of the same year. The picture, starring Michael Caine and Christian Bale, is a resounding success. A characteristic difference between the movie Nolan, from all previous parts of "Batman" is the psychological depth of the main character, as well as a special atmosphere inherent in all the works of Nolan.

Not going to stop there, Nolan begins work on the next continuation of "Batmaniada" "The Dark Knight". The script for this picture brothers Nolan develop together. Released in 2008, the movie had the effect of exploding bomb, in the first days of hire, breaking a huge number of records at the box office. Among other things, the movie for several weeks held the lead in the ranking of the two hundred and fifty best films in the history of cinematography.

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