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Walter Bruce Willis (or simply - Bruno) was born March 19, 1955 in West Germany, his further education was in the United States, in New Jersey, where he attended Montclair College. At college for the first time and revealed his acting abilities: he enrolled in the drama group (in fact, in the drama group he went to stop stuttering) and began to take part in student performances.

After college, Bruce got a job as a security guard at a chemical factory, but soon, apparently, realized that this work is not for him, and, without thinking twice, went to New York in search of fame. As a result, it seems to me, the chemical industry has not lost much in the face of Willis, but the film industry has gained one of its best actors.

In New York, no one was waiting for Bruce with open arms: in order to somehow provide for his existence in the concrete jungle of the metropolis, at first, the "tough nut" had to moonlight on the small stuff in various bars.

Then Bruce began to play in small, so-called "off-Broadway" theaters, and in the early 80′s, even starred in minor roles in several films ( "Original Sin" / The First Deadly sin, 1980 /, "The Verdict, 1982 /).

Finally, fate smiled on Willis: the agency "Triad" invited him to an audition for a role in the TV series "Moonlighting" (in the Russian box office - "Detective Agency Moonlighting"), and, (here's lucky guy!) He was selected for the lead role of 3000 (!!!) Applicants.

Willis's character, a charming, albeit a little cheeky and frivolous guy with a great sense of humor, constantly cracking jokes on his partner, the audience came to love. Viewers every week with pleasure followed the relationship of David Edison and Maddie, wondering how far the relationship of the heroes will go. Soon the show was climbing to the top of the charts. Unfortunately, however, after four years of popularity, the project had to shut down: Willis and Sheppard's relationship behind the scenes were terrible, Bruce, this work depressed, he wanted to break away from television in a big movie, and the audience gradually began to lose interest in the series.

With the release of the screens "Die Hard" / Die Hard, 1988 /, Willis career soared to unprecedented heights. With its dizzying stunts, explosions, sharp dialogue and a tough, undefeated character, Willis became the actor's trademark. While Stallone and Schwarzenegger portrayed tough, pumped-up guys in their films, attempting to periodically prove to the audience that their characters had a sense of humor, Willis, on the other hand, remained a kind of eternal joker, not forgetting, however, to periodically remind the audience of his "Incredible coolness," smearing on the screen a couple of or three regular villains, while not forgetting to say a catchphrase, or otmochivshem some corporate gimmick.

Despite the fact that Willis's popularity was inextricably linked with his image of a tough guy, Bruce was not afraid to experiment and try himself in other roles, though not always these experiments have been successful. The comedy action movie "Hudson Hawk" / Hudson Hawk, 1991 / completely failed at the box office, and "Color of Night" / Color of Night, 1994 / was a weak psychological thriller, the script which served, perhaps, only to connect the sex scenes between Bryce and Jane March.

According to critics, some of the best roles played by an actor, were minor roles Willis in less commercial projects. Respect he acquired after the role of Butch in Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction," / Pulp Fiction, 1994 / was reinforced by his participation in the film Paul Newman's "Fools No" / Nobody's Fool, 1994 /.

However, whatever critics say, in the opinion of many of his fans, Bruce looks most convincing in the image of tough guys. Bruce himself once admitted in an interview that he's "not used to playing the whole movie without a gun in his hand. However, in recent years, the role of the actor has changed. If before he had to save the skyscrapers, then airports, cities, the Earth ("Armageddon" / Armageddon, 1998 /), if at all - to prevent a disaster of universal scale ( "The Fifth Element" / The Fifth Element, 1997 /), but now Willis the rescuer left, one might say, to a well-deserved vacation (whether permanently or not).

Willis is increasingly stating in interviews that he was tired of acting in action films and wants to participate more in comedies and psychological films. At the moment he is only doing this. However, not less successfully. Psychological thriller "The Sixth Sense" / The Sixth Sense, 1999 / was one of the highest-grossing in American history, the comedy "9 yards" / The Whole Nine Yards, 2000 / also not bad showed itself. Truth "The Story of Us, 1999 / The Story of Us / and" Breakfast of Champions / Breakfast of champions, 1999 / failed a little at the box office, as if to put it mildly, but ahead of a lot of promising projects.

Bruce's name continues to draw viewers to films in various genres with his participation, this is not very spectacular "Invincible" (2000) and the two war drama "Tears of the Sun" (2003) and "Hart's War" (2002), neither of which had much success. Only, released in 2005 is a truly unusual project - "Sin City" is really "lights up" the audience. Proved to be commercially successful, and the fourth "Die Hard" (2007), in which a somewhat aged super-hero gives a master class to save the world.

To date, Bruce Willis is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood and the father of three daughters from his marriage to Demi Moore. With Demi Moore, the actor divorced in 2000. Nevertheless, the former spouses remain friends and business ties. At the moment he is married to Emma Hemming. April 1, 2012 the actor and his 35-year-old wife had a daughter Mabel Ray, the first in their marriage and Willis' fourth.

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