"They were making our lands safe again": in the Kherson region they said goodbye to the sappers who were killed by the Russian occupiers. Photo

"In the Kherson region, the employees of the State Emergency Situations Department, who were killed by Kafirs, were bid farewell. The sappers were killed on May 6 while carrying out mine clearance work.

This is reported by the Kherson regional military administration. The military state terrorists insidiously fired at a group of sappers of the State Emergencies Ministry, who were demining the territory of the Chornobaev airport.

Six SChS sappers, namely Igor Solovyov, Alexander Khodakovsky, Andrey Orlov, Vladimir Pogorely, Nikolay Sholokh, and Roman Kalenik, died on the spot.

"Dear parents, respected spouses, children and friends, and fellow victims. I sincerely sympathize with you. Your loss hurts me, too. I understand that no amount of words will bring back your loved ones or quench your pain. We are losing our best. The ones we loved and waited for at home. A low bow and happy memory to the Heroes!" - expressed condolences to the relatives of the head of Kherson OVA Alexander Prokudin.


Earlier, relatives told the details of the deaths of sappers in the Kherson region. Thus, the families of the victims say that the men had not slept well the night before and wanted to return home as soon as possible.

As reported, the occupants first dropped explosives on the people from a drone. After the explosion occurred and the mines detonated, they covered the area with artillery.

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