Russia attacks Ukraine again: air defence systems in Kyiv, missile hits in Dnipro, and a Shahed in the Cherkasy region. All the details

Occupants attack Ukraine from the air again

On the night of Friday, May 26, Russian occupation forces once again attacked Ukrainian cities from the sky, launching cruise missiles and drones. Air defence forces neutralised most of them, but there were also hits in the Dnipro and Kharkiv regions.

In Dnipro, there were reports of damage to houses, cars, petrol stations and businesses, and a person was injured, while in the Kharkiv region, a Shahed arrived. One such drone was shot down in the Cherkasy region, and cruise missiles were fired on the approach to Kyiv, the fragments of which damaged the roof of a shopping mall and a house (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the news).


According to the Dnepr_operativ channel, the first explosions were heard around 03:25. According to preliminary data, air defence systems were operating. Around 04:10, there was another series of explosions.


The Head of the Dnipro Regional Council, Mykola Lukashuk, urged people to stay in shelters. The mayor of the city, Boris Filatov, also asked residents not to film or post anything online.


At the same time, photos and videos of the aftermath of the downing of Russian missiles were posted on Telegram channels. In some places, falling debris caused damage to roofs, windows, and cars.


Serhiy Lysak, the head of the Regional Military District Administration, said that the situation in the Dnipropetrovsk region was under control.


"Stay calm. You know all the rules. There will be comprehensive information in the daily morning post! Trust only official sources of information. Do not discuss or comment on anything," he wrote.


Later, he said that the region had experienced an extremely difficult night of Russian shelling. They caused a fire in a private household, damaged two houses and a car. In the city, two private enterprises caught fire, and a petrol station wasdamaged, injuring an employee.


That night, the occupiers also fired at the Marhanets community from a UAV - without causing any casualties.

The head of the Regional Military District Administration noted the incredible work of the air defence system, which had previously shot down five cruise missiles and six Shahed-136/131 kamikaze drones over the Dnipro region.



At around 04:20, a powerful explosion was heard in Kyiv. The Kyiv City Military Administration said that air defence was activated on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital.

"Air defence is operating in Kyiv and the region. Stay in shelters until the air raid is over!" - the administration said.

At the same time, the Kyiv Regional Military Administration warned of an increased missile threat.

Soon after, the head of the Kyiv City Military Administration, Serhiy Popko, said that during the 13th air attack since the beginning of May, Russia tried to hit Kyiv with cruise missiles. However, all enemy targets were destroyed by air defence forces.

As of Friday morning, no casualties or damage were reported in the capital as a result of the night's events.

The head of the Kyiv regional military administration, Ruslan Kravchenko, added that no hits were recorded in the region and there were no casualties. However, seven private houses in two communities were damaged as a result of falling debris from downed targets.

"Thanks to the accurate and professional work of the military, the enemy targets were destroyed... The damage is minor - roofs, interior and exterior facades, and walls are cut. Residents whose homes were damaged will be provided with all necessary assistance," he said, thanking the military for their protection.

Cherkasy region

The alert was announced in almost all regions of Ukraine. According to monitoring channels, the occupying Russian forces launched missiles and kamikaze drones at Ukrainian cities.

At around 05:30, the head of the Cherkasy Regional Military Administration, Ihor Taburets, said that air defence was being deployed in the region. Within 20 minutes, the alarms were raised in this and a number of other regions.

At dawn, air defence forces shot down a Shahed kamikaze drone in the sky over Cherkasy region. The official noted that there were no casualties or damage.


Kharkiv region

Last night, the enemy attacked the town of Marefa, Kharkiv district, and the city of Izyum with Shahed drones.

A civilian enterprise was damaged in Marefa. In Izium, a building of an educational institution and a garage with agricultural machinery were damaged. In both cases, fires broke out.

"Preliminarily, no one was injured as a result of the night strikes by the Shaheda," said the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Oleh Syniehubov.


According to the Ukrainian Air Force, the aggressor launched 17 missiles of various types and 31 attack drones towards Ukrainian cities. Air defence forces shot down 35 enemy targets - 10 cruise missiles, 23 Shaheds and two reconnaissance UAVs.

Attack drones and several S-300/S-400 missiles were recorded in the Kharkiv and Dnipro regions.

To recap, during the air attack on Ukraine on the night of May 22, Russia fired many targets towards the Dnipro region. Defenders shot down 15 drones and four cruise missiles in the skies over the region, while enemy arrivals were also recorded.

The buildings of the rescue unit and enterprises, residential buildings and vehicles were damaged, and eight people were injured.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the head of the Joint Coordination Press Centre of the Southern Defence Forces of Ukraine, Nataliya Gumenyuk, said that the attack on Dnipro was an attempt by the occupiers to track the directions of Ukrainian air defence in order to exhaust it.

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