"It will be a second Chornobyl": what is the threat of occupants' mining of the Titan plant in Armyansk and how to act in case of a chemical threat

Russia is preparing a provocation at the Crimean Titan chemical plant

Russian invaders are preparing a provocation at the Crimean Titan plant near the temporarily occupied Armyansk in Crimea. The Russians have brought explosives to the plant, where hazardous titanium oxide waste is concentrated, and are actively mining the territory.

If the invaders dare to provoke and blow up the plant, the consequences will be comparable to the Chernobyl accident and will affect not only Crimea and part of Ukraine, but will also hit Turkey and Russia itself, just in case, the Ukrainian authorities are reminding the algorithm of actions in case of chemical hazards. The head of the Kherson Regional Military-Civilian Administration, Oleksandr Prokudin, wrote about this.

"The agony of the empire continues. The enemy feels defeated and therefore acts more and more harshly and boldly. Nuclear terror, energy collapse, constant shelling of Ukrainian cities, civilian casualties, destruction of housing and civilian infrastructure... According to the resistance forces, the Russians are preparing another provocation at the chemical plant in Armyansk in the temporarily occupied Crimea," Prokudin said.

According to the available data, the invaders are mining the Crimean Titan plant, and a lot of explosives have been brought there. If an explosion occurs on the territory of the enterprise, the consequences will be felt in Crimea, part of Ukraine, Turkey and the aggressor state itself.

"They have brought explosives to the territory of the Crimean Titan plant and are mining the area. We are well aware of the consequences of a possible explosion at the plant. It will be the second Chernobyl. The release of thousands of tonnes of toxic substances into the atmosphere will pose a deadly threat to people and the environment. Residents of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and at least seven other regions of Ukraine, as well as Turkey and the aggressor country itself will suffer," said the head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration.


The invaders believe that this provocation should help them achieve several goals. However, Prokudin stressed that the Ukrainian military and political leadership is closely monitoring the actions of the occupiers and preparing to prevent a catastrophe.

"The plant is being mined to stop the Ukrainian Armed Forces and to accuse Ukraine of environmental terrorism. The occupiers also aim to exert military and political pressure on our country and the international community. Ukraine will not allow another environmental blackmail. We continue to record the actions of Russian terrorists. We are clearly aware of the threat to our people, constantly monitor the situation and are ready to respond promptly to any threats that may arise. Stay calm, do not succumb to the enemy's provocations and follow the announcements of the regional military administration," Prokudin said.

He also published a detailed algorithm of actions for civilians in the event of a chemical threat and reminded them of the symptoms of chemical poisoning and how to provide first aid in such a case. Strict adherence to these algorithms can save lives.


On May 31, the Atesh guerrilla movement of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars said that Russian invaders had started mining the Titan plant near the temporarily occupied Armyansk. This Crimean plant specialises in the production of titanium oxide, the waste of which is very dangerous.

Atesh believes that this is how the occupiers are preparing for the fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will soon be at the administrative border with Crimea and at the same time seek to accuse Ukraine of environmental terrorism.

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