"There should not be such people at all": the Russian head of world boxing, who banned the flag of Ukraine, named his main enemies

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Umar Kremlev spoke out against the bans

The president of the International Boxing Association (IBA) Umar Kremlev called impossible the existence of sports officials who impose bans on the use of national symbols by athletes. However, the Russian forgot to mention that his organization imposed sanctions on the Ukrainians who were not able to use the flag of their country at the European Junior Championship.

The Kremlin said this in an interview with the propaganda television channel Match TV. A fan of the dictator Vladimir Putin, who was illegally re-elected head of the IBA, repeated the traditional Kremlin propaganda narrative that it is impossible to politicize sports.

Umar Kremlev

"Our main task is that there should be no sports officials at all who want to exclude some athlete or take away his flag or anthem, or exclude a sport from competition. There should be no such people at all. If we are talking about the development of sports, we should all cheer and develop sports," said Kremlev.

Earlier, at the world boxing championship in Tashkent, there were mass riots involving fans.

Kremlin Putin

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, former world heavyweight champion Nikolay Valuev told how he allegedly almost died during a visit to the temporarily occupied regions of Luhansk region.

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