"Overreaching Russophobia" at the 2023 World Cup of Hockey threw a tantrum at the 5-time world champion from Russia

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The famous athlete ended up being a laughingstock

Five-time world hockey champion Vyacheslav Bykov threw a fit after an incident with a fan at the Hockey World Championship 2023. The tournament organizers at the Tampere Arena in Finland forced the fan to take off his T-shirt, with "Russia" written on it.

"Well, what can I say? I just have no words, Russophobia is off the scale, and the organizers are certainly under pressure, as well as everyone. And everyone wants to make a hero of themselves in this sense, to show what they are, I do not know how to call these people, Russophobes," the 62-year-old native of Chelyabinsk in an interview with VseProSport.


Russian fans began asking their idol, who lives abroad, uncomfortable questions instead of support.

"How is Bykov doing in Switzerland? Does he suffer much from hunger and cold, are there no Nazis on the streets?", "Slavka, poor thing. How are you? Do you want to go home to Russia? But the Western Russophobes won't let the good guy Slava Bykov in," the users mocked.


Fans point out that they find it funny when Russian citizens of another country talk about "Russophobia".


Users ironically wonder why Russia is disliked anywhere.

"So what is the reason for such Russophobia, it obviously did not arise from nothing?" - Russian citizens ask a rhetorical question.


One fan couldn't take it anymore, calling Bykov a "va*a".

"Even in Belgium there are such pinched people, always whining about Russophobia, while complaining about Arab refugees, Ukrainians, etc. Of course in Russia itself you can't kick them out with a stick, except for a lot of money. In 90% of cases, these whiners are "refugees" from the 90s, who have not really learned the language, got in somehow (while everyone was allowed in), working in low-paying jobs. Most Russians somehow do not feel any discrimination at all, rather the opposite," the commenter wrote.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, previously two-time Olympic champion Alexander Kozhevnikov rolled up a scandal after a fan of the Hungarian national team was forced to remove his shirt with the inscription "Russia" at the World Hockey Championship.

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