Scientists have pointed to an unexpected risk from a conventional cooker

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Methane can leak even when the appliance is switched off.

Every day, we spend a lot of effort and time maintaining our health. To do this, we try to eat right, lead an active lifestyle and fight against bad habits. However, we don't even think about the fact that there is something in everyone's home that can pose a serious threat. An ordinary gas stove, without which it is difficult to imagine the present day, harms the environment and poses a risk to humans.

The fact is that methane leaks from a gas stove even when it is switched off. These conclusions were published by AARP, citing the results of a recent study led by Stanford.

The authors of the paper note that there are currently few measurements of natural gas emissions that enter the air from buildings as a result of leaks or incomplete combustion of appliances.

During their work, the scientists investigated the impact of different types of stoves during burning, arson and when they are switched off. The highest methane emissions were from appliances switched on by the arsonist, while three-quarters of the emissions occurred when the stove was switched off, which may indicate faulty gas fittings and connections between the appliance and the gas networks of the buildings.

At the same time, they proved that, in addition to methane, gas stoves emit large amounts of nitrogen oxides, polluting the air and affecting human health. For example, The Lancet reports that prolonged exposure to polluted air can contribute to the progression of heart disease and stroke.

According to scientists, the best way out of the situation to preserve the environment and health is to switch from gas stoves to electric ones.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told about preventing an emergency in Kyiv. The press service of the State Emergency Service announced the evacuation of residents of a building in the Solomensky district of the capital due to a gas pipe leak.

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