You might regret it: why you shouldn't use vinegar to unclog a sink drain

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Cleaning with acidic vinegar can be too aggressive for pipes. Source: Created with the help of AI

Vinegar is called the most versatile cleaning agent, which can remove stains, disinfect surfaces, and shine glass. It is often even used to clean clogged pipes, but plumbers warn that this may not be the best idea.

The problem lies in the chemical properties of white vinegar. OBOZ.UA found out what exactly makes it an undesirable tool for dealing with blockages.

Some homeowners prefer to clean with baking soda and vinegar because of the environmental friendliness and cheapness of these products. They easily react, which flushes the drain well and unblocks the pipes.

However, experienced plumbers warn that vinegar can cause damage to the sewer system. Acetic acid can cause corrosion of metal and can also negatively affect plastic.

The reaction between baking soda and vinegar is quite strong and can damage the materials used to make pipes. When diluted acetic acid combines with the sodium bicarbonate of baking soda, it begins to foam. This process releases carbon dioxide, water, and some other substances.

Bubbles are good at fighting pollution. They are also able to break down deposits of grease, dirt, and soot that sometimes form in pipes. However, this reaction gradually affects the pipes themselves, as well as the rubber seals that are often found in old plumbing systems. According to experts, this can do more harm than good and lead to high sewer repair bills.

Therefore, no matter how scary and aggressive you think a factory-made drain cleaner is, it will still be safer to use it. But do not forget to make sure that the liquid, granules, or powder is compatible with the type of pipes that are installed in your home.

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