Week of changes and opportunities: tarot horoscope for all zodiac signs until June 9

Tarot cards will tell you where to look for your luck. Source: Created with the help of AI

A busy week begins as Mercury moves into Gemini, the new moon rises in the same constellation, and Mars is in Taurus. Many shifts, changes, new opportunities, and redefined horizons lie ahead.

Tarot cards will help you determine what this means for all zodiac signs. They advise you to be brave, confident, proactive, progressive, and inventive. You can just read on for a more detailed forecast for your sign.

Aries: High Priestess

By nature, you are a very goal-oriented person, always on the move. But this week you are advised to slow down. The High Priestess has been walking beside you all week, waiting for your attention. She has amazing ideas to share with you. These ideas will lead you to your goal, but you need to focus on your inner world to hear her voice. Meditate, daydream, walk alone or do yoga, write down strange thoughts, reflect – valuable information is waiting for you.

Taurus: Queen of Wands

Mars moves into your sign this week, bringing with it a fiery explosion of passion and ambition. A new purpose emerges in your mind and your heart starts to beat faster as you think about the potential and possibilities. Your card gives you energy, vitality, self-confidence, and enthusiasm. It is a signal that it is time to choose a new course and embark on a great mission. This is your quest, and you will complete it if you are committed to your true desires. Put yourself first and pursue only your goal.

Gemini: Two of Coins

Your astrological season is underway and Mercury (your ruling planet) is in your sign. All the cards are in your hands. The week will be full of joy and adventure, and it's time to say yes to everything that comes your way. By nature, you like to multitask and transfer ideas from one project to another to get a truly innovative result. Participate in a lot of activities and projects, mixing it all to invent your alchemy. This is a truly magical week for you. Make the impossible possible.

Cancer: King of Wands

This week, an inspiring older person will play a key role for you. It could be someone in your circle or even someone you've just read about. Find someone who you are even a little bit jealous of, who has done what you dream of, who approaches life the way you would like to. Learn from this person. Listen to their story, ask questions, read about them, and immerse yourself in their personality. This way you will be able to move on to important, valuable life lessons and wisdom. This person will become your mentor.

Leo: The world

There are no limits for you. Of course, you already knew this because you are a natural leader and an enterprising person. But right now, the World wants you to show your best. Could you finish the things you've been holding back on and celebrate? Let people know that you are a winner and raise a toast to those who helped you. And then look for the next peak to climb. The world is showing you that you can go further and faster than you think, so aim high and think big.

Virgo: Five of Wands

This week is all about repair. You really enjoy fixing things and making them work properly again. So focus on where you know there are some problems. Take a closer look at them. You should be able to see a method to fix all the problems. Get to the root cause of the problem and work on it. Feel again that you are in control and have all the answers. This will give you strength and courage.

Libra: Seven of Wands

Luck will be on your side. The Seven of Wands encourages you to play a bold combination right now, to take part in a competition or lottery, to take a risk with a high reward, to plunge into the game. Whatever else in your life looks like this, participate. You are more than capable of handling the task at hand. If you don't see anything like this around, invent it yourself. Set a goal or challenge and create a prize that will make you do something positive and fun.

Scorpio: The Two of Wands

You can get anything you want now. But you will need to be focused. There is a risk that you will overwhelm yourself, take on too much, and arrogantly believe that you can handle everything. And this can let you down. Don't make this mistake. Sit down and think about what's really important right now. Make that question the center of the world this week and focus 100% on it. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish by looking away and eliminating all the distractions.

Sagittarius: Death

Personal transformations and processes of deep and lasting change await you this week. Death is not a sign of the end, but a harbinger of change. You will have opportunities that will help you get rid of everything that has been hindering you. You will begin to receive interesting invitations and offers. They will allow you to see what kind of life you could lead if you wanted to. Make a choice. Be active and progressive. Get out of your comfort zone. Say yes to new discoveries and let them lead you down new paths.

Capricorn: Nine of Swords

Use your network of contacts to solve some of your problems, reduce certain risks, and build your confidence. You tend to hide your true feelings, repress your fears, suppress your desires to share or cooperate. You may spend too much time alone. This week, that will be a mistake. You need to team up with others, ask for help, find allies, make friends, and use people who owe you a favor to help you. This is the fastest and best way forward.

Aquarius: Queen of Coins

Seize the opportunity to take charge in the areas you feel you know best, where you should have more control and want to demonstrate leadership. You will be richly rewarded, and this forward movement will lead you to breakthroughs in your career, home, wealth, or perhaps health. You develop, change, and see what you are strong in and where you can flex your muscles even more. You become someone who answers questions, not just asks them.

Pisces: Queen of Cups

Take advantage of every opportunity to relax this week. Take care of your physical health, be at peace with yourself, enjoy good company, eat well, take care of your mental well-being, and live your best life in balance and harmony. The Queen of Cups is you. You are a natural empath, so it is vital for you to create a safe and welcoming environment in which to live, love, work, and play. Protect your living space, put yourself first, look for the magic around you, and enjoy it without haste.

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