They emphasize wrinkles and make you look older: 7 "age-related" makeup mistakes

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Clear lines and dark colors will only make you look older

Makeup can be a great way to refresh your face and make it look younger. Or maybe vice versa - it can emphasize age-related changes if you make certain mistakes.

OBOZ.UA decided to find out what mistakes make your face look older. And how you can avoid or correct them. Here's what makeup artists say is wrong with makeup for mature skin.

Not using primer

Primer helps to blur skin pores and smooth out wrinkles. It evens out the texture and allows you to apply makeup more evenly without emphasizing age-related changes. You can choose the product to suit your needs - moisturizing, nourishing, sun protection, etc. Apply it under your foundation and it will adhere better, last longer, and not slide off.

Overusing foundation

The purpose of foundation is simply to even out your complexion, hide blemishes and redness. But it shouldn't replace concealer and concealer, which can completely cover such imperfections. Choose a foundation that matches your skin color, apply a small amount of it and blend it well. Then it will lie better and will not crack in facial wrinkles.

Poor blending

With age, careful blending becomes an increasingly important makeup technique. It allows you to make your face visually smoother and more radiant. Avoid leaving clear lines between different products if you want to look younger.

Using dark shadows

Over the years, the eyelids droop, which makes it a little more difficult to apply eye shadow. Some women think that they can visually compensate for this nuance by hiding it with dark eyeshadow. But the truth is that they will work exactly the opposite. If you want a more radiant and open look, choose light shades. If you want a dramatic effect in your makeup, then draw arrows on the upper eyelids.

Skipping eyebrow makeup

It seems that the whole world has gone crazy for eyebrows. But in fact, this is not just a fashion fad, but a really effective technique that will make your facial features more defined. Shaping your eyebrows may be the only thing you do to your face, and the effect will be like a full day's makeup. Just take an eyebrow pencil in the shade that suits you and fill in the areas that are hairless. At the same time, follow your natural shape - it will be the most harmonious for you.

Applying dark eyeliner to the lower water line

Applying black or brown eyeliner to the water line of the lower eyelid can make the look too heavy. In addition, such makeup draws attention to dark circles and other skin discolorations around the eyes. It's better to replace dark eyeliner with nude or white eyeliner - this will help to visually make your eyes more radiant and bright.

Wearing very dark lipstick

Like eyeliner, dark lipstick can create an unnecessary contrast with the skin and emphasize its imperfections. It also has the ability to flow into fine lines around the lips. It's better to outline your lips with a nude pencil and use a neutral-colored lipstick, and add a drop of gloss on top for volume.

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