Not in the dishwasher: how to clean kitchen boards from dirt and odor

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Wooden boards can become real breeding grounds for bacteria and fungal spores if not cleaned regularly. However, they should not be washed in the dishwasher. High temperatures and a closed environment create steam inside the appliance, which can warp or split wood items.

When boards are exposed to high temperatures and humidity, they can become unsafe. Bacteria penetrate the cracks and are transferred to food during cooking. Experts told us how to clean wooden boards from dirt and odor.

Kitchen items made of wood require special care, hand washing, and deep cleaning. Thoroughly washing wooden utensils with soap and water will help get rid of food and grease residue after daily use. When the dishes are clean, it is better to wipe them with a cloth.

If stubborn stains or unpleasant odors appear on the boards, it's time for a deep cleaning. Soaking is also not a good idea – water penetrating the wood causes rotting. Metal brushes can scratch the wooden surface and create a "nest" for bacteria.

To properly disinfect wooden kitchen utensils, all you need is salt and lemon. Salt acts as a gentle abrasive that removes dirt, and lemon juice has antibacterial properties. Simply sprinkle coarse salt on the wooden utensils and use a halved lemon as a cleaning agent. Finally, rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Oiling your wooden utensils and cutting board is another way to extend the life of your kitchen items. The coating creates a layer of protection against scratches and prevents the wood from drying out, which leads to cracks. Dampen a paper towel with oil essence or beeswax and apply it to the wood in a circular motion.

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