How to wash bamboo sheets correctly so as not to damage them

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Bamboo sheets are highly durable and tear-resistant, and their tactile sensations resemble natural silk and cashmere. At the same time, unlike expensive fabrics, bamboo has a more affordable price. Textiles easily pass oxygen and are hypoallergenic.

Regular bedding washing is important for both your health and the durability of the fabric. Experts told us how to wash bamboo sheets.

Although bamboo fabric is praised for its strength, antimicrobial properties, and durability, it is important to know some of the nuances. The creation of bamboo pulp is a complex process that involves the use of aggressive chemicals. Once bamboo has been processed, it no longer retains its antimicrobial properties and is much less environmentally friendly. Despite this, bamboo sheets are resistant to damage, so they are a good investment.

Bamboo is prone to fading and deformation, so it is important to keep the temperature low during washing and drying. There is a popular myth that bedding needs to be washed at high temperatures to get rid of all dirt and kill dust mites. However, regular washing at too high a temperature can damage the fibers. With the right detergent, you can achieve effective cleaning at a safe temperature of 30 to 40 °C.

However, if you or a member of your family has recently been ill, you may want to wash the sheets at a higher temperature as an exception.

When machine washing, select the delicate cycle. Overloading the drum can damage the fabric. In addition, detergents will not be completely washed out of the fibers.

Instead of powders, experts advise choosing mild laundry soap or other gels specially designed for use on natural fabrics.

Don't forget to use gentle settings when drying your sheets. If possible, it is better to dry them outside or on the balcony.

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