How to apply eye shadow on mature skin: a technique that will dramatically change the look

Yulia PoteriankoNews
A drop of concealer in the outer corner of the eye will make you look younger

Sometimes it can be hard for us to admit that the makeup techniques that worked very well for us stop being as effective as we age. Time takes its toll on our face and we need to look for new approaches. In particular, to eye makeup.

Makeup artist Brenda Barnett shared a life hack suitable for mature ladies on her TikTok. The woman, who is 64 years old, gives makeup tips to 36 thousand of her subscribers. She specializes in techniques that will be useful for those who need new approaches to makeup due to age-related changes.

So for mature eyelid skin, she recommended making only one adaptation to your usual way of coloring your eyes. Namely, apply a drop of concealer to the outer corner of the eye and blend it upward with a straight-bristled brush. This way you will visually lift the upper eyelid and make your eyes look more open.

The most important thing for this trick is not the amount of concealer applied, but its careful blending. The layer of the product should be even and not too dense, so as not to weigh down the skin. In addition, you need to take a concealer that is slightly lighter than your natural skin tone. This will refresh your eyes and make them clearer.

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