How much money you need for a European tour in 2024

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Traveling in Europe: prices

The first thing tourists face when planning a trip is spendings. It's not easy to organize your money properly to ensure that you can afford to rent a house, eat well, and have fun. Read on to learn how to do it correctly.


There are plenty of options for where to stay in another country: from hotels to small houses. You can find budget accommodation on various online resources. For example, Hostelworld.com, Booking.com and airbnb. As a rule, renting costs less for locals than for foreigners.

Location also matters. Apartments located along the main street are more expensive. They offer easy access to the city's attractions. If you are fond of walking and distance is not important to you, choose housing in nearby alleys. The cost difference is quite significant.

A budget option will be to search for a house on couchsurfing.com. Here you will find not only what you need but also be able to meet new people. But first, you should study the profiles of the hosts. This will help you weed out unnecessary offers.

One night in Europe:

  • hostels: from €200 to €500
  • hotels: from €300 to €1500 and more

Booking in advance will help you save money.

The cheapest countries to stay in:

  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Portugal
How much money you need for a European tour in 2024

Food and drink

When traveling, travelers often try traditional dishes. Street food is usually cheaper than restaurant food. You can have a tasty and inexpensive breakfast even in local cafes.

Approximate prices for lunch and dinner:

  • restaurant: €10-100
  • coffee shop: €8-50
  • bar: €3-30
  • supermarket: €1-20 (bread, milk, cheese, yogurt, and other products)
How much money you need for a European tour in 2024


It is worthwhile to decide on a transfer in advance. There is almost always a public bus stop near the airport or train station. Or there are a lot of taxi drivers. But keep in mind that drivers are very cunning. They can greatly overcharge because they know that tourists are not familiar with the area.

We recommend that you first familiarize yourself with all the available ways, and only then make a decision. By the way, if the location is not far away, you can take an unplanned tour on foot.

A trip by subway, bus, or tram costs an average of €1.5 to €7. A taxi costs €2-10. Keep one thing in mind: the night fare increases by 10-20%, as well as on weekends and holidays.

How much money you need for a European tour in 2024


Upon arrival, travelers are sure to visit various shops. And you can understand them. After all, you can buy unique goods in local shops.

It is better to shop out of season. During this period, you can find numerous sales and discounts. This will also help you save money.

Approximate cost of gifts:

  • magnet: €1-5
  • keychain: €2-10
  • wine and cheese: €5-20
  • sweets: €2-10
How much money you need for a European tour in 2024


Of course, tourists do not avoid architectural monuments and landmarks. We're talking about museums, exhibitions, galleries, castles, water parks, and more. Find out in advance how much it costs to enter a particular attraction.

For example:

  • exhibition halls: €5-20
  • water attractions: €20-40 per day
  • historical monuments: €5-10
  • expositions: €10-50

How to save money:

  1. Buy tickets online.
  2. The more people, the cheaper.
  3. Come during off-peak hours (usually in the morning or evening).
  4. Use tourist passes.
How much money you need for a European tour in 2024

Cash or payment card

  1. In many cities, the banking system is underdeveloped, and ATMs are extremely rare. In such cases, currency is the only way to pay.
  2. Carrying a lot of money in one pocket is risky. After all, you can be left with nothing. There are plenty of pickpockets in tourist destinations. Distributing cash around your backpack slightly reduces the danger.
  3. Some terminals require a high commission.


It will help you feel calm during your vacation. It allows you to cover the cost of treatment and restoration of documents without compromising your budget.

As a rule, the cost per week ranges from 10 to 50 euros per person. It all depends on the number of days and the country.

Additional tips

  1. Set clear priorities.
  2. Start planning in advance.
  3. Find out the local currency exchange rate.
  4. Book your tour or accommodation in advance.
  5. Write a list of locations you want to visit.

Planning a trip is very important. After all, you need to take into account many nuances. Then the vacation will be carefree and without unpleasant surprises.

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