All signs will face a difficult rebirth: tarot horoscope for the week

This week, something old will leave our lives forever to make way for something new and important. Source: Created with the help of AI

Whenever you're looking for answers to some of your tough questions, it's always a good idea to seek the advice of the Tarot. Even if you don't get a clear prediction, you can use the card's interpretation as a hint.

Thus, tarotists have already compiled a horoscope based on the weekly card for all zodiac signs. They have also chosen one common card that will determine the energy of the next seven days. Read on to find out your Tarot horoscope.

The card of the week: Death

This week we are all letting go of something from our past to make room for new opportunities. This natural cycle of life is symbolized by the Death card, which stands for the transformation that happens when you end one thing and begin another. Now we are all ready to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of past mistakes. To achieve this, you just need to let go of what is holding you back. Whether it's a situation, a relationship, or a bad habit.

Aries: The Three of Swords

The Three of Swords has never been a fun card, symbolizing necessary and inevitable feelings of sadness and grief. But whether you're trying to make sense of a betrayal or dealing with heartache, this card encourages you to move forward. Accept your feelings as they are. Try not to fall into an emotional numbness in an effort to stay strong. By staying in touch with your emotions, you will be able to come out of this situation with more resilience and access an even deeper source of love.

Taurus: Five of Swords

This week can be very intense for you. Success may come just in time for a new disappointment. Remember that in peak moments of excitement, hidden enemies can appear. The Five of Swords is a card of conflict and tension that often appears after a difficult situation. When you are thriving, others may feel the urge to undermine your success. Using their negativity to maintain your position will ultimately backfire on you. Instead, you should rise above it and remain neutral.

Gemini: Seven of Swords

Whatever you do this week, trust your intuition. If you don't like something, don't ignore it. The Seven of Swords indicates that someone may be withholding information from you, or it may mean that you are willing to lie to protect your own secrets. If you are being deceived or are considering deception yourself, this card advises you to exercise caution. Your actions will have long-term consequences, so be prepared to take responsibility when it comes.

Cancer: Knight of Swords

When it comes to sword fighting, a knight must have the quick reaction and courage to strike if he wants to survive the next round. This week you'll tap into your fighter's instincts as the Knight of Swords is a card of action, ambition, and determination, especially when it comes to your thoughts, plans, and priorities. The Knight of Swords is someone who gets right down to business without sacrificing the truth. This week you should recognize your ability to stand up for yourself and others when the situation calls for it.

Leo: Page of the Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles symbolizes the excitement of starting something new - a relationship or a business. If you've been thinking about a new business venture but haven't taken any steps yet, now is the time to act. This week you are encouraged to showcase your creativity and problem-solving abilities, especially to those who believe in your potential. Focus and work hard and you can make your dreams come true. Right now you have the power to manifest your desires faster and more effectively.

Virgo: Two of Cups

The act of sharing a drink with someone can create a deep intimacy and emotional connection. This is the spirit of the Two of Cups, which is associated with love, harmony, and balance between two people who come together for the purpose of generosity. Even if you work with someone you disagree with or are hesitant to get close to, it's a reminder to never lose sight of the beauty of the union of two contrasting things. Metaphorically, this means that your interactions with other people will fill your cup this week.

Libra: King of Pentacles

Finally, all the countless hours you've spent working towards your goal are starting to pay off. But wealth is not just about money. It comes in many forms, so before you place too much importance on your financial assets, take the time to recognize the different types of wealth in your life. Fortunately, you've also made significant progress, which opens up new career opportunities. Focus on increasing your income and accumulating wealth because what you put in now comes back to you tenfold.

Scorpio: The Four of Swords

The Four of Swords represents the peace that comes after something difficult. Now that you've survived your trials and likely won a victory over your enemies, the Four of Swords wants you to take a break and relax. You deserve a moment of respite before rolling up your sleeves and starting over. If you're constantly on the go and there's no end in sight, you're on the road to exhaustion and burnout. Let this be your reminder that even the most successful people understand the importance of listening to their mind, body, and soul when they've reached their limit.

Sagittarius: Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords represents keen perception and intuition, especially with regard to unspoken truths. She embodies an intellectual maturity that allows her to ignore the emotional noise and opinions of others. And this week you should embody the meaning of this card through confidence and directness in your communication. You may have to make wise choices this week and this card encourages you to rely on logic and critical thinking. You have a wealth of experience and wisdom, so speak firmly and confidently rather than showing doubt.

Capricorn: Moon

This week, your deepest fears and ulterior motives will come to the surface. No matter how hard you try to suppress these emotions and ignore your fading feelings, they will only return with a vengeance. The moon is a sign that your subconscious thoughts and emotions are seeping into your reality, strongly influencing your decisions and actions. But remember your innate ambition and determination. This week you should turn your fears into a motivating force.

Aquarius: The World

You've embarked on a new long and turbulent journey. The World card is a reminder of why you went through difficult moments in the past and how you overcame all the difficulties. You have gone through many ups and downs, and probably felt like giving up several times. The light symbolizes progress toward a great achievement, highlighting the lessons learned from both your failures and successes. Now you are ready to be rewarded for everything you have been through.

Pisces: Queen of Wands

Your charm and charisma will shine this week. The Queen of Wands symbolizes your passion, enthusiasm, and creativity, making you a charming person who knows how to enchant people. There is a high probability that you will be in the center of attention wherever the public appears. This will be the perfect moment to connect with other people, establish new relationships, and attract a crowd of fans who will follow your lead and continue your work. Don't be afraid to accept it!

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