A winter fairy tale: Europe's snowiest cities

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European cities with lots of snow in winter

Since childhood, most of us have associated Christmas and New Year's holidays with snow. It cheers us up and is something necessary for a good mood. We all expect white fluffy snow to fly from the sky on these special days. Landscapes will sparkle with new colors, and children will traditionally start playing winter games.

But unfortunately, in recent years, winter has not been pleasing us with snowfalls. Mostly, they start in mid-January or even later. And we want to enjoy the snowy hills already during the New Year.

In order not to spoil your holidays, we suggest traveling to European cities where it snows all the time. We'll tell you where to buy tickets!

A winter fairy tale: Europe's snowiest cities

Rovaniemi, Finland

The most snow-covered land where none other than Santa Claus lives. His residence is located just 7 kilometers from the capital of Lapland. Next to the grandfather's house is an underground park where his faithful helpers, the elves, live. It's worth a visit to enjoy the snowy landscapes and fully experience the fairy-tale atmosphere of Christmas.

But the village is famous not only for this. The geographical line of the Arctic Circle passes through it. Tourists love to jump over this conventional border from the south to the north side and then pop a bottle of champagne and wish each other a Happy New Year.

It is not difficult to get here. Buses run from Rovaniemi to the estate. You can also take a taxi if you wish. There are plenty of things to see in the city itself. For example, visit the Arktikum Science Center dedicated to Arctic nature. It's also worth going to Lordi's Square, named after the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest winners. You can also go to the unique Ranua Zoo to watch the animals and slide on dog or reindeer sleds.

By the way, fans of ski resorts will be in for a surprise. There are routes where you can ski to your heart's content on Mount Ounasvaara.

Rovaniemi has many interesting attractions

Copenhagen, Denmark

The city is located in Northern Europe, so you can definitely enjoy the winter season to the fullest. But despite the many snowy days, it will definitely not be cold here. The Scandinavian capital has a temperate maritime climate, so winters here are very mild, without severe frosts.

There is a subway near the airport. So if you want to save money, take the train to the center. You'll be there in 15 minutes. You won't have to spend much money on food either. The famous buffet is available in almost all restaurants in the country. But you still need to monitor the establishments in advance. The scheme is as follows: you go to a cafe, pay 10 euros and eat as much as you want.

What to visit? Of course, you should visit the oldest park, Tivoli. Imagine: it has been operating since 1843. During the winter holidays in Copenhagen, in addition to the usual attractions, they also open Christmas ones. Children and adults will be delighted. Be sure to go to the Nyhavn waterfront, where the world-famous writer Hans Christian Andersen once lived.

Copenhagen is famous for its unique atmosphere

Tallinn, Estonia

The capital of Estonia is considered one of the snowiest cities in Europe. According to weather forecasters, it snows 21 days a month. The center of the country is quite small but has many interesting buildings. If you want to plunge into the Middle Ages, you should go to the Vannalin district, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Every building here was built in the XVI-XVII centuries. National cuisine restaurants and authentic hotels are located nearby.

By the way, some establishments serve dishes that do not use products that appeared in Europe later than the fifteenth century. The main emphasis is on traditional provisions: bear meat, venison, etc.

Be sure to visit the oldest pharmacy located on the Town Hall Square. Visit the open-air ethnographic museum, St. Olaf's Church and the Dome Cathedral, where the famous navigator Ivan Krusenstern is buried.

Tallinn is a great place for a winter trip

Saalbach, Austria

Unlike the previous locations, this is a very small town that is very snowy in winter. Although the village can't boast of a large size, it has a good infrastructure. It will definitely compete with many European resorts.

Usually, the village becomes very crowded in winter. It's a destination for avid ski resort fans. There are excellent slopes, runs and ski lifts. There is an ice rink, spa centers, heated pools, etc. And it's no less interesting at night. When the sun goes down, bars, pubs and discos open.

Saalbach has good transport links. Therefore, it is easy to get to neighboring tourist towns.

Saalbach is a famous ski resort

If your heart desires snow on Christmas and New Year holidays, don't deny yourself this pleasure. We are sure that you will have the best vacation ever.

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