A Russian complained about "harassment" in Poland and received a response

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Podrabinek complained about the attitude of Poles toward the Russian passport.

Russian journalist and human rights activist Alexander Podrabinek, a Soviet-era political prisoner, complained about the very thorough checks during his trip to Poland. He said that he understood the hatred of Russia as the country that started the war, but at the same time hinted at a biased attitude toward anyone with a Russian passport.

The Russian oppositionist shared his experience on his personal Facebook page. He said that he arrived in Poland on a plane of the Polish company LOT. When he landed, they"checked his passport five times, took pictures of it, called someone, copied something and showed it to each other."

"Upon arrival in Warsaw, the border guard looked at me like a wolf, or rather a she-wolf, as if I hadn't paid her back or was commanding an army unit in the war with Ukraine. Then they arranged a thorough customs inspection in the "green" corridor and everyone asked me why I was going and when I was coming back," the journalist wrote.

He acknowledged that Poles have reasons to hate Russia, so he "is not offended by them."

"But what is this indestructible habit of judging people you meet by chance by their nationality, citizenship, skin color, or social status? After all, they look you in the eye, know nothing about you, but hate you in advance. I don't understand it," Podrabinek complained.

A journalist's message

In the comments to the post, many of the journalist's readers disagreed and pointed out that such a suspicious attitude towards Russians is justified.

"It is quite understandable and can be explained," "They meet by clothes, and in this case it is a Russian passport. I can understand the attitude of Poles (or Ukrainians, or Georgians, or Baltic residents). Unfortunately", "At least they let me in at all!" "Russia is now openly threatening Poland. No wonder,""This is the notorious collective responsibility," the post reads.

A Russian complained about ''harassment'' in Poland and received a response

One of the Internet users asked what else the author expected with a Russian Federation passport."At the moment, it is equal to a Nazi document from the Second World War.And the attitude will be like that for a long time," the commentator shared his opinion.

"Explain what exactly offended you: the fact that a Russian is being checked more thoroughly or that they were impolite to you? The former is understandable and justified," another follower asked.

A Russian complained about ''harassment'' in Poland and received a response
A Russian complained about ''harassment'' in Poland and received a response
A Russian complained about ''harassment'' in Poland and received a response
A Russian complained about ''harassment'' in Poland and received a response

We should add that Podrabinek condemned Russia's aggression against Ukraine. During the Soviet era, he was convicted twice of "spreading deliberately false fictions that defame the Soviet state and social system."

Alexander Podrabinek

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