Zamioculcas grows like crazy: a simple product from the kitchen will help

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An effective fertilizer for zamioculcas can be made from ordinary beets

Zamioculcas is an excellent choice of houseplant for those who want to learn how to grow flowers on a windowsill or have failed several times. This succulent seems to be eternal and is completely insensitive to the conditions of its keeping. At the same time, it grows intensively and has a beautiful appearance.

However, it can also be helped to grow green mass faster. OBOZ.UA has learned how to prepare a homemade fertilizer for zamioculcas that will help with this.

What the plant does not like is excessive water - it can survive without watering for up to four months. And it will even tolerate the lack of timely moisture better than overflow. From excess water, the root tubers of zamioculcas can begin to rot. Therefore, water should be applied in small portions about once a week (if you miss watering, it's okay) and every 3-4 waterings, add a fertilizer made on the basis of beets to the water.

This root vegetable contains potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and boron, which are necessary for zamioculcas to actively produce new leaves. To extract these substances from the pulp, take a medium-sized fruit, cut it into small pieces, place them in a blender, and cover with a liter of cold water. Grind the beets in the blender for about two minutes, and then strain the resulting substance through a sieve. Throw away the pulp and pour the liquid over the flower. You can also use this fertilizer for other deciduous indoor plants.

If fertilizing does not have the desired effect on the zamioculcas, check whether you have provided the right conditions for it. It should stand in a slightly shaded place - the plant does not need a lot of sun, it is better if the light is diffused. The room temperature should be 20-25 degrees. In winter, it can be a little cooler, but not lower than 16 degrees.

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