Your orchid will rejoice: a revolutionary watering method that will significantly simplify plant care

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Ice cubes are beneficial for orchids

The orchid is known not only for its graceful beauty but also for its finicky nature. It reacts instantly to the slightest changes in light, humidity, or drafts.

Excessive moisture is one of the most common reasons for the demise of indoor orchids. However, there is an interesting life hack that can greatly simplify plant care—experts suggest using ice cubes. More details were shared by the Better Homes and Gardens publication.

Ice Cubes for Orchids

At first glance, the idea of watering orchids with ice cubes might seem absurd, considering that plants from tropical regions usually do not tolerate frosty temperatures. However, experts say that when done correctly, ice cubes won't cause serious harm.

"It is challenging to provide the plant with the right watering regime, and sometimes overwatering can have disastrous consequences," said Marcel Bunkamp, the director of cultivation at Just Add Ice.

Bunkamp and his team developed a method of watering with three ice cubes.

Scientists from The Ohio State University and the University of Georgia conducted a study to answer the question definitively: Is it okay to water orchids with ice cubes?

They experimented comparing two groups of orchids. One group was watered with three ice cubes once a week, while the other group was watered with an equivalent amount of water.

Both groups of orchids showed the same results, indicating that ice cubes are an effective and safe way to water orchids.

How to Water Orchids with Ice

Instead of wetting the orchid pot and then letting the excess water drain away, simply place three ice cubes in the orchid container (usually bark chips or sphagnum moss). Avoid areas with leaves or roots.

The ice will melt relatively quickly, and the orchid will absorb the water. Researchers found that the bark temperature dropped only a few degrees while the cubes melted, not enough to damage the roots.

The water needs of your orchids may vary depending on room temperature, lighting, humidity, and the type of growing medium (moss retains moisture longer than bark chips). The university research recommends starting with three ice cubes per week and observing the plant to determine if that's sufficient. 'Silvery roots need moisture, while bright green roots are fully hydrated,' emphasized Bunkamp. Another indicator is the leaves; insufficiently moisturized plants will have wrinkled, dull green, lethargic leaves.

Can Other Plants Be Watered with Ice

Just Add Ice has extended the ice watering test to anthurium, money tree, and several types of bonsai. Using ice is a simple and effective technique for watering these plants.

While most plants can be watered with ice cubes, it may not always be practical.

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