Your champagne glasses will be crystal clear: here is the easiest life-saving trick

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How to clean glasses to shine

Champagne is a traditional drink of the Christmas and New Year holidays. Whether you prefer trendy, colorful glasses or stick to a more classic style and choose clear glassware, it's important to take care of these fragile items.

You want to have crystal clear glasses on the festive table, but you often have problems with washing them. A simple and affordable life hack that is gaining popularity online will help you save the day and clean glasses to a shine without streaks.

Before you make an unnecessary purchase of some expensive product that supposedly cleans glassware, save your money and try a life hack with ordinary alcohol. Just don't forget to rinse the glasses well from the alcohol and dry them thoroughly when you're done.

You can simply spray alcohol on the glass and wipe it with a dry cloth, moving in a circular motion. Thus, all stains will disappear on the glassware. Alcohol works perfectly for cleaning the outer surface of glasses.

Another way is to dilute the alcohol with water. But if you want your glassware to not have the characteristic pungent smell of alcohol after washing, it is better to add one or two drops of detergent.

A smaller amount of alcohol in the proportion will lead to slower cleaning, so leave the product for 5-10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly under running water.

Another important aspect to consider is that if you have cuts on your hands, it is better to wear gloves.

By the way, alcohol can be used to clean not only glassware but also other household items. For example, alcohol is suitable for cleaning blinds, wiping chrome handles or parts, and screens of some gadgets.

Although alcohol helps clean many items, it is always advisable to apply a small drop to an inconspicuous area to test its effect on the surface.

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