You will only know this if you were born on New Year's Day: 10 unexpected life lessons

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People born on New Year's Day often feel abandoned

Sometimes during the holidays, many of us wonder what it would be like to be born on New Year's Day. Would it be better than a regular birthday, or would the coincidence of the two holidays ruin everything?

The British journalist Charlotte Dingle, who was born on December 31, wrote a column for Cosmopolitan in which she described her experience. She presented it in the form of 10 lessons that life has taught her.

1. Most people will forget your birthday. Charlotte described it as being at a party with a "Here I am" badge, which is cute when you're six years old, but not so much fun in adulthood.

2. You will never be able to gather all your friends at the same time. After all, it will be difficult for your private party to compete with the crazy celebrations that are organized for the New Year. Your friends will share the cost of renting separate houses for the celebration, going to the mountains or to the sea, organizing dances in clubs, or setting off expensive fireworks. Your personal budget is unlikely to be able to afford anything comparable.

3. Even if your friends come to your holiday, you are still likely to be alone by nightfall. After all, someone will run away under the pretext of wanting to attend a New Year's DJ set, and someone will be waiting for you in a fashionable club or other interesting place. The one who will definitely stay with you to the end is your cat.

4. You will feel your age change faster than other people. The numbers in this column will increase along with the numbers on the calendar, while most people experience these moments separately.

5. You will still receive one gift for two holidays.

6. Your new friends will not believe you. They will always be surprised that your birthday falls on a holiday. While biology knows no holidays and weekends and children are born on New Year's Eve.

7. If you don't drink, your birthday can turn into a nightmare. Everyone around you will be eager to drink to the coming year and will most likely tease you for having water in your glass.

8. If you drink, get ready to wake up on January 1 with a hangover, fear of what the new 12 months will bring, and the feeling that you've grown a year older. And all at the same time.

9. People will certainly try to reassure you with stories about how lucky New Year's children are. It may be fun the first few times, but then it will become annoying.

10. You'll often be told that your birthday is just fine, even though you know very well that it's not.

So now that you know the truth and there is someone in your family who was born on New Year's Day, try to pay a little more attention to this person. They definitely deserve it.

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