You will forget about dust: cleaning tips that really work

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Proper cleaning and organization of the interior will protect you from dust

Dust is one of the most annoying problems when it comes to cleaning. It seems that it is simply impossible to get rid of it completely, and it endlessly settles on surfaces and things over and over again. Nevertheless, experienced housewives know how to get rid of dust and make sure that it does not collect again for a long time.

OBOZREVATEL has compiled the best life hacks in one article. First of all, keep in mind that a significant part of dust is dust mites, which can be very harmful to health. That is why the problem must be actively addressed. Here are effective and proven ways.

Hide things that accumulate dust the most

Figurines, notebooks, vases, and soft toys on open shelves look very nice and create a sense of lived-in interior. However, wiping them off the dust every time is just hell. Thus, either try to have as few of these things as possible or store them in closed shelves. For example, behind glass. Unfortunately, this includes books, appliances, and carpets. They will have to be given a lot of attention during cleaning anyway.

Do not get carried away with decorative elements of the interior

In addition to things, the most beautiful, decorative elements of the interior can accumulate a lot of dust: tiles with bas-reliefs, carved furniture, moldings, massive picture frames. Dust will get into every bend and every recess and will irritate you with its appearance. Therefore, when planning a renovation, be sure to think about how much you are willing to clean all these small nooks and crannies and balance your desire for beauty with your own unwillingness to spend a lot of time keeping this beauty clean.

Keep the windows closed

One of the biggest sources of indoor dust is particles brought in from the street. This is especially true for those whose homes have little greenery and are close to busy highways. Therefore, to protect yourself from dust, you should keep your windows closed most of the time.

Clean your ventilation grilles

Another way that dust from the outside gets into the apartment is through ventilation. Of course, the amount of dirt in this case is much less, but all the grilles that cover any ventilation ducts should be wiped with a damp cloth from time to time. Usually, once a month is enough.

Do wet cleaning

No vacuum cleaner will give you perfect cleanliness on its own without wet cleaning. Therefore, after dry cleaning, be sure to mop the floor so that you collect even the smallest particles. A robot vacuum cleaner is a good option, but manual cleaning will still be more effective. You just have to do it less often. In addition, don't forget to wash textiles and soft toys and wipe the leaves of indoor plants.

Clean dust from top to bottom

Dust has the ability to settle, so it makes sense to start fighting it from the top shelves and surfaces. You'll collect some of it on a rag, and some of it will definitely fly to a lower level. Then you will wipe it off at the next stage. So start with chandeliers and high shelves and end with mopping the floor.

Keep your tools clean

A clogged vacuum cleaner filter not only collects dirt poorly but also returns some of it back into the air. Therefore, it is important to change it on time. You should also wash the cloth and wiping brushes regularly. An additional life hack is to give preference to microfiber cloths as they do not leave any lint behind and polish surfaces well.

Use dust-repellent products

No matter how skeptical one may be of these products, they do contribute to the fight against dust. In particular, due to their viscous texture, they collect dust better than water alone. You can make such a mixture from olive oil, vinegar, dishwashing liquid, or lemon essential oil.

Don't shy away from dry cleaning

Be honest with yourself and admit that you and your washing machine are not able to handle a large carpet or a bulky bedspread. Therefore, take such items to a dry cleaner several times a year. Additional life hacks: the carpet can be washed at a car wash, and a household steamer can perfectly clean the textiles from dust.

Avoid synthetics in the interior

Unlike natural fabrics, synthetic fabrics are more prone to static electricity, which, in turn, strongly attracts dust. It is also more difficult to get rid of it. Therefore, give preference to natural fabrics or blends with a large proportion of natural fiber.

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