You will definitely get the job: etiquette rules for an interview

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Etiquette rules for an interview

Etiquette rules can significantly improve one's life when adhered to. Candidates often feel nervous and anxious during an interview, and proper etiquette can boost their confidence and create a positive impression on the interviewer.

Good manners are always beneficial for your career. OBOZREVATEL has compiled a set of guidelines to follow when applying for a job.

Business Correspondence

Your preparation for the interview begins with your cover letter. Ensure you are polite include a proper greeting and address the recipient appropriately. For instance, "Dear Ivan Sergeyevich," "Good afternoon," or "Good afternoon, Irina!" Avoid overly formal or elaborate greetings; it's better to keep it concise.


Consult the individual who invited you to the interview about the preferred dress code. In the absence of specific dress code instructions, opt for business casual attire, which is suitable for such occasions. Maintain neat hair and fresh breath.

Behavior in the Office

Treat all company employees with politeness and friendliness, including not only managers and secretaries but also janitors and security personnel.


While keeping your gestures natural, avoid sudden or excessive hand movements. Maintain a calm and composed demeanor and refrain from fidgeting with your clothing or objects on the table.

Silence Your Mobile Phone

During the interview, refrain from using your cell phone or gadgets unnecessarily. Do not interrupt the conversation for a phone call, as it reflects poorly on your adherence to professional etiquette. In case of an urgent call, offer an apology and an explanation of the situation.

Avoid Interrupting

Listen to the question in its entirety before responding. Let the interviewer lead the conversation, and your role is to support it. You can ask additional questions at the end of the interview.

Answer Concisely

Respond directly and clearly to questions, avoiding irrelevant details. Maintain emotional composure and carefully consider your responses.

Send a Brief Thank-You Note to the Interviewer

Express your gratitude for their time and interest in you. Wish them a great day and mention your anticipation of their response regarding the position.

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