You should not keep someone else's dish at home: what the omen warns about

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Other people's dishes bring bad luck to the house

There are often situations when neighbors or friends treat you to various delicacies and leave their dishes in the house. The hosts forget to give it back right away, and the owners are in no hurry to pick up the plates.

Our ancestors believed that other people's dishes in the house could lead to negative consequences. OBOZREVATEL found out about all the signs and superstitions.

According to beliefs, if there are other people's dishes in the apartment, the residents may have financial difficulties. Therefore, you should always return the plates to their owners. Also, you should not borrow such things, as this attracts bad luck and misfortune to the house.

But you need to return dishes properly to avoid negative consequences for your family. To do this, wash the plates well before giving them to neighbors or friends. It is believed that water washes away all failures and troubles.

Our ancestors also believed that guests should wash their hands only in the bathroom. If they do it in the kitchen in the sink where there are dishes, it will cause trouble for the family. Negative energy is washed off the hands and gets onto the plates from which the hosts will then eat.

To avoid attracting poverty to your home, you should not put an empty bottle on the table. It is believed that when such a container is on the table, there will soon be nothing to fill the rest of the dishes.

An empty bottle brings with it troubles, conflicts, significant troubles, and diseases. Therefore, the container should be hidden on the floor.

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