You can rely on them: the most reliable zodiac signs have been named

The most reliable zodiac signs

True friends will always support you in difficult times and sincerely rejoice in happy moments. Regardless of situations or events, they will always be on your side.

This behavior depends not only on character but also on the zodiac sign under which a person was born. Astrologers have compiled a list of the most reliable signs.

6th place - Sagittarius

Sagittarians have a wealth of knowledge that they are happy to share with their friends and family when needed. Their energy will fill others with positive emotions because they are true optimists. This sign will always support you, no matter what.

5th place - Scorpio

Scorpios are reliable friends, but you need to find an approach to them first. Although they can often be closed and mysterious, once they establish a relationship with someone, their loyalty and devotion are unparalleled. They will do anything for their friends.

4th place - Cancer

Cancer is a nurturer by nature, so they are probably one of the most reliable people. This sign always takes into account the needs of others and is ready to organize a whole holiday for one person. Cancers love to feel needed in the lives of their loved ones.

3rd place - Virgo

This earth sign is extremely practical. Its analytical nature and careful approach to everything guarantee reliability and loyalty in friendship. Whether you need help with something at work or want to take a break from your home life, Virgo will be there for you every step of the way.

2nd place - Libra

Venus is the planet that rules Libra, so when this sign considers you a friend, who will do anything to protect a loved one. When they help someone, they help themselves. This air sign is easy to get along with and will always support their friends.

1st place - Taurus

Taurus is known for its steadfastness and loyalty. They think things through carefully and value safety. If they know that something is important to you, they will never let you down. Whether it's a promise to a friend or a task at work, Taurus will never back down until they fulfill their responsibilities.

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