Works better than vinegar: how to remove limescale in a kettle

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Limescale in the kettle

Limescale in the kettle is caused by calcium and magnesium minerals in hard water. This negatively affects not only the taste of drinks but also the shelf life of the appliance, so you need to clean it regularly.

You don't need to buy chemicals to remove stubborn limescale, you only need one natural ingredient. OBOZREVATEL has found an effective way to deal with this.

If you have hard water and unwanted white scale often forms in your kettle, you need to clean it once or twice a month.

To do this, you will need citric acid. It is an effective mixture for fighting stubborn dirt that will not damage the appliance.

Fill half a kettle of water and add two tablespoons of acid. You may see the water start to fizz, which is because the powder has reacted with the limescale.

Next, turn on the appliance and wait for the water to boil. Then pour out the liquid and rinse the kettle under running water. You do not need to leave the appliance with the solution for a while, it is enough that the water boils. The citric acid will quickly remove such contamination.

You can also use lemon juice, but the acid has a stronger effect. To completely remove the plaque with lemon, you need to repeat this procedure several times.

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