Wolf Full Moon: what it is and how it will change the life of the zodiac signs

Wolf Full Moon in January

The January Full Moon can be life-changing in many ways. It will encourage deeper self-reflection, and the constellation of Leo will give you the courage to make breakthrough decisions.

Astrologers say that the lunar phase can affect the psyche and well-being. The Full Moon on January 25 is a great opportunity to stop, calm down, and reflect on the deeper aspects of life.

The effect of the full moon on the body

Some people may experience problems with sleep. Scientists explain the influence of the full moon on sleep as a kind of "inheritance from ancestors". For hundreds of thousands of years, humans have lived in close relationship with nature, under constant threat from animals or other tribes. During the full moon, the night is lighter, which increases the activity of animals and encourages people to act not only with good intentions.

Scientists add that, according to research, melatonin production decreases during the full moon, as well as in the days before and after it. This, in turn, leads to more shallow sleep, anxiety, or waking up in the middle of the night.

However, astrologers emphasize the uniqueness of this phase of the Moon. This is a period of special emotional excitement and great sensitivity.

The first full Moon is also often called the Wolf Moon. Interestingly, each full moon has a common name, which is the result of cultural or pagan traditions or refers to the agricultural harvest calendar.

In 2024, the following full moons will occur:

  • Wolf Full Moon - January 25
  • Snow Full Moon - February 24
  • Worm Moon - March 25
  • Pink Full Moon - April 24
  • Flower full moon - May 23
  • Strawberry Full Moon - June 22
  • Goat full moon - July 21
  • Grain full moon - August 19
  • Harvest full moon - September 18
  • Hunting full moon - October 17
  • Beaver full moon - November 15
  • Cold Full Moon - December 15.

All names are based on symbolism, natural phenomena, or beliefs.

The influence of the Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon evokes anxiety and danger. These associations are most accurate if we consider the origin of this name. During the January full moon, wolves were extremely active. Their mating season in February and March was approaching. Due to the long winter and hunger, they were getting closer to human settlements in search of food. Thus, they threatened not only people but also farm animals.

What will the Wolf Moon bring?

Astrologers say that the Wolf Full Moon will be a turning point. The beginning of the year is always a good time to plan long-term goals, and the energy of Leo will give you strength and confidence.

However, it's best not to make important decisions on a full moon when emotions come to the fore. This is a time for reflection and self-reflection. Discard all impulses and sudden impulses, and better assess the risks to ensure a better future.

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