Without sponges and newspapers: how to wash windows perfectly inside and out

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How and with what to quickly clean windows after winter

Spring is a time not only for warmth and renewal but also for general cleaning, a prerequisite for which is window cleaning. After winter, a lot of dirt accumulates on the glass, so you should know a few life hacks that will help you clean your windows quickly and without streaks.

It is important to properly prepare the glass for cleaning and thoroughly wipe it off dust before washing it with the main product. The Express magazine has revealed how to clean windows without rags and newspapers.

Jade Oliver, an expert at Express Bi-Folding Doors, shared her best tips for using improvised ingredients for glass cleaning. Just three steps are enough.

Step 1: Remove the top layer of dirt

Simply spraying the windows with hot water and soap will cause the dust to stick to the glass, and you'll just be smearing it with a rag.

So wipe the dust off first, or as Jade suggests, gently run a bristle brush over the glass with a vacuum cleaner attachment. Do this slowly and carefully to avoid scratching the surface.

Step 2: The secret ingredient

After you have cleaned the glass from dust, wash it with a regular detergent. It can leave streaks, so Jade shared a secret ingredient.

The acidity of white vinegar will help remove all stains and make your windows shine.

The recipe is simple: mix hot water and vinegar in a spray bottle in a 1:1 ratio. You'll get the perfect budget-friendly window spray.

Step 3: No rags or newspapers

Using an old rag or newspaper will only smear stains on the glass. The expert suggests using a microfiber cloth.

"Make sure the cloth is folded at least twice so that oils from your skin don't get through the material and smear the glass. The small fibers of the microfiber cloth absorb everything they come in contact with," Jade said.

Wipe the windows from left to right. Friction in circles will create static, which can stick to dust.

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