Will the "drop test" show the battery charge: the truth about the absurd method

Life hack for checking the battery charge

Due to emergency, rolling and other blackouts, Ukrainians are trying to become energy independent. And how can we not mention the good old batteries, which have become relevant again in the blackout. At the same time, there is a long-standing myth that if you throw them, you can find out the amount of charge in such a mini-battery.

Petapixel decided to find out how true this life hack is. According to the legend, you need to lift the battery a few centimeters and let go. If the battery is charged, it should make a loud dull sound, and most likely remain in an upright position. But if the battery is discharged, it will immediately jump up and fall. Here's how it's shown in a popular video.

As a result of testing the myth, it turned out that the battery level most likely has no effect on the fall. It only depends on the brand of battery. However, that's not all.

American scientists have also been involved. They also decided to check how true the myth is. They found out that this life hack can only be used to understand that the battery is not new.

Scientists took batteries with different charges and threw them. While the batteries with 80-100% capacity did not jump, all the others did. Moreover, the scientists noticed that the batteries with a charge of 60-0% jumped approximately equally. The expert published his findings in the Journal of Materials Chemistry.

It is noted that conventional batteries have an inner layer of zinc, which, once connected to a circuit, slowly turns into zinc oxide, releasing electrons and allowing them to flow, thereby creating electricity. Before using the mini-battery, the zinc molecules are not aligned in a certain way, so they can absorb kinetic energy when they fall. But after the first use, the molecules "align" from plus to minus and cause the batteries to "jump" even if their charge remains at 99%.

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