Will die in a few days: indoor plants that should not be placed on the windowsill

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Cyclamen, Christmas cactus and amaryllis do not like windowsills

Every houseplant needs its own special growing conditions. Some are not suitable for a windowsill, although this is a traditional place for flowerpots in city apartments.

Some plants are not suitable for direct sunlight, while others can be harmed by the proximity to heating appliances. OBOZREVATEL tells you which plants are better to keep elsewhere.

Christmas cactus

Despite the fact that this plant belongs to the succulents and is native to tropical regions, it does not like direct sunlight and strong heat. The ideal temperature for it is +20 during the day and +15 at night, so a hot battery is a bad neighbor for the plant. So is a cold draft that can occur if you open a window for ventilation. Place the plant in a hanging put next to the window and it will delight you with flowers.


These delicate flowers like moist air, so a dry atmosphere around a battery will not do them any good. Orchids are also afraid of direct sunlight, so it's best to place them on northern windows or hide them behind curtains. Ideally, the temperature in the room where the orchid grows should fluctuate: higher during the day and cooler at night.


Another plant that will be uncomfortable on the windowsill. The poinsettia does not like heat and cold drafts and quickly starts to get sick if it is directly exposed to the sun. Place it in the back of the room and admire the luxurious flowering for the winter holidays.


To make a home lily bloom, some plant lovers cut off its leaves for the winter and hide the flowerpot in a dark and cool place (about 15 degrees). Then in the spring, the amaryllis, taken out into a warm, well-lit room, produces new leaves and blooms very beautifully. However, it is better not to keep amaryllis in direct sunlight anyway. That is why the windowsill will not be comfortable for it.


This delicate flower is not intended for growing near heat sources and direct sunlight. The only window sill on which cyclamen will be comfortable is a north-facing one. In addition, in winter, the plant likes to rest in cool conditions: about 15 degrees.

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