Why you shouldn't whistle at home: it's not just about money

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People say that you shouldn't whistle inside a house

You've probably heard the saying: "if you don't whistle, you won't get any money." This superstition, by the way, exists in many nations around the world and is especially true for whistling in the house.

In addition to financial problems, there are other interpretations: for example, for unmarried girls, whistling portends loneliness. OBOZREVATEL investigated the origin of the sign and other meanings of the superstition.

They say that whistling in the house will bring a lot of difficulties to the family. Men have predicted troubles at work and a lack of money, pregnant women - difficult childbirth, spouses - conflicts, and naughty children.

It has long been believed that whistling is a means of calling out to various evil spirits. So, if a person whistles often, negative energy seems to gather around them.

Whistling is sometimes associated with the wind, and strong winds can be harmful. So, according to a sign common in coastal countries, whistling can bring on a storm and a hurricane. In the old days, sailors used to whistle in calm weather to summon the wind to steer the ship in the right direction.

Those who believe in house folklore say that these creatures don't like whistling. The sound will irritate the housekeeper so much that it can cause trouble in the house. For example, suddenly there will be malfunctions with sewage, electricity, ventilation, etc.

Villagers said that whistling could even bring bad harvests.

In addition, whistling is considered indecent in some cultures. It was the whistle that men in taverns and taverns used to call out to women in public.

According to another version, whistling can summon dark forces. Conflicts, illnesses, and minor domestic troubles will begin, and the family will not have understanding and happiness. The superstition of whistling in the dark is especially negative. Whistling after sunset is a sign of illness, failure, and difficulties.

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