Why you shouldn't wear pearls at a wedding: all the superstitions of the festive day

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The wedding day is surrounded by dozens of superstitions

Weddings are considered one of the most important days in a person's life, at least the first one. Newlyweds hope that their love will last forever, so this day is shrouded in a lot of signs and superstitions that would help make this dream come true.

OBOZREVATEL has collected the most common and interesting wedding-related signs. Dress, dishes, dancing, guests - all of these have their own rules and restrictions.

Signs about Clothes and Jewelry

The newlyweds should not see each other in the morning before the wedding ceremony, and the groom should not know what kind of dress his bride will wear. The girl also doesn't need to see her entire image - she can only look at herself in the mirror in parts or without any important accessories, such as gloves, veils, handbags, shoes, etc.

It is better to choose a one-piece dress, not a corset and skirt. This should help the bride avoid a divided life. The only truly forbidden color of the dress is green. But the girl's underwear should be exclusively white.

The bride's shoes do not have to be new. Moreover, an old pair should bring good luck in marriage. The main thing is that the shoes should be closed and without laces. A broken heel of the bride's shoes during the wedding is a bad omen, portending that the couple's family life will be "lame."

It is better not to choose pearl jewelry for the dress. These stones symbolize tears. To attract happiness to marriage, the bride should wear earrings from a happily married friend. But the future wife should not wear any jewelry on her hands - all the attention should go to the wedding ring.

It is best to choose a smooth ring, without stones and carvings. They will symbolize a successful life together without obstacles. But you can choose quite massive rings - they are a symbol of wealth. If the bride and groom want to take their parents' wedding rings, this is allowed, but it is important to keep in mind that the sign says that by doing so they doom themselves to repeat their fate. In any case, the rings should not be given to anyone to try on, either before or after the wedding. A wedding ring dropped on the floor during the wedding is a sign of betrayal.

A wedding dress should not be sold after the wedding - it is believed that this is a way to sell happiness. The dress is only kept, inherited, or given as a gift. But the veil must be kept. Then it is used to cover children when they are sick so that they recover faster.

It is important not to tear the dress during the wedding. And if such an unfortunate thing happens, it should not be sewn up.

Signs against the Evil Eye and Good Luck

To make family life successful, it is good for the bride to cry before the wedding or the wedding ceremony. Ideally, the girl should be touched by her parents' instructions and wishes, not by wedding troubles.

To protect the newlyweds from the evil eye, both of them should have an English pin with the head down on their clothes. The bride pins the amulet to the hem of her dress, and the groom pins it under his boutonniere.

No one is allowed to pass between the bride and groom on the wedding day, and the ban is especially strict for unmarried guests. Also, to prevent the husband or wife from being taken away from the family by someone else, no one should stand in front of them when they look in the mirror.

The veil acts as a talisman for the bride. Therefore, her face should be covered when she leaves the house. Only the groom can remove the veil during the wedding ceremony.

After the bride leaves the house, the floor should be washed. Ideally, this should be done by her mother. The ritual should make it easier for the girl to enter family life.

It is not allowed to drive or walk directly to the place of marriage - you need to choose a complicated path to confuse the evil spirits that seek to spoil the happiness of the young. Cars should honk their horns loudly to scare away the evil spirits. It is important to avoid cemeteries on the way and never look back.

The bride's mother or other close relative should put a head of garlic in her pocket just before the girl goes down the aisle, which is another powerful amulet.

To avoid poverty in family life, the groom should put a bill or coin in his right shoe. This should be done throughout the wedding.

To make the couple's life together long and happy, the newlyweds should blow out the wedding candles at the same time. If the candle goes out on its own, it portends trouble.

When a newly married couple goes outside, they are supposed to be sprinkled with sprinkles. Rice or wheat - for fertility, coins - for wealth, candy - for a sweet life.

To avoid quarrels in marriage, the newlyweds should break a plate together at the wedding and step over the shards. The same is true for breaking the first glass of champagne for good luck.

You can't cross the couple's path at the wedding. Also, strangers cannot adjust the clothes on the bride and groom. This will help to avoid troubles in family life.

You can't celebrate a wedding with borrowed money. This is a sign of permanent poverty.

During the wedding, the newlyweds can only dance with each other. The only exception is the parents of the bride and groom. After the girl has danced with her father and the boy with his mother, they should bring them to each other and join their hands.

Other Wedding Signs

Whoever of the couple is the first to stand on the wedding towel will be the head of the family. And vice versa - the one who speaks first after the wedding ceremony will be submissive to their spouse. Another variant of the sign associated with a wedding loaf is that the one who tears off the largest piece of it will be the head of the family.

For the same reason, the groom should not pick up anything that the bride drops to the ground - this is how he symbolically bows to her as a sign of obedience. It also portends a short life for him and widowhood for the girl.

The bridegroom carries the bride across the threshold of the house to be the master. It is believed that whoever steps over the threshold first will fulfill these duties.

The groom should be careful when approaching his beloved's house. If he steps into a puddle, he will become a drunk and ruin her life.

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