Why you shouldn't wash your hair on Monday: beliefs from the past

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Hair holds significant importance from an energetic perspective

Beauty rituals are often surrounded by numerous superstitions, with beliefs that a haircut or massage on the wrong day could not only be ineffective but also harmful. This extends to the choice of days for washing hair, as different days are thought to bring either good luck or potential problems.

OBOZREVATEL delved into the superstitions associated with hair washing, revealing a longstanding schedule indicating when this practice might be auspicious or bring challenges.

The significance attached to hair washing is rooted in the belief that hair serves as a medium through which the body communicates with subtle worlds. Allegedly, it is the conduit through which individuals receive vital energy and intuitive revelations. Therefore, here is the suggested schedule for hair washing:

  • Monday: Considered an unfavorable day due to the challenges associated with the beginning of the week. Washing your hair on this day is believed to attract negative energy.
  • Tuesday: Deemed a favorable day for hair care procedures.
  • Wednesday: Considered an ideal day for all personal care activities, including hair care.
  • Thursday: It is recommended to wash your hair before sunrise on this day, as it is believed to increase the supply of vital energy and provide a surge of strength.
  • Friday: The end of the workweek is seen as less conducive to hair care. On this day, the focus is advised to be more on work than personal grooming.
  • Saturday: Designated as a day for cleaning and water-related procedures. Saturday is recommended for house cleaning and self-care, including hair washing.
  • Sunday: A day of rest, and therefore, not recommended for exertion or hair washing.

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