Why you shouldn't sleep with your feet towards the door: folk beliefs and feng shui

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Can you sleep with your feet towards the door

Many folk beliefs are associated with the topic of sleep. For instance, it has long been believed that one should not sleep with their feet towards the door.

This superstition is prevalent in many cultures, and even the practice of feng shui has not escaped it. OBOZREVATEL has compiled the most intriguing versions of the consequences associated with this belief.

Folk superstitions

The older generation often mentioned that sleeping with your feet towards the door can bring death closer because the deceased are carried forward with their feet. Esotericists attribute this to the idea that the door to a room serves as an energy channel. Sleeping with your feet facing the door is believed to result in more nightmares during your dreams.

Placing the bed in an unfavorable position, according to this belief, can lead to health problems, as well as family quarrels, conflicts, and misunderstandings.

What Feng Shui says

The Chinese doctrine of feng shui supports the theory that energy flows between doors and windows, suggesting it's better not to sleep along this line with either your head or feet facing the entrance. Feng Shui experts recommend placing the bed in a corner or the middle of the room, perpendicular to the line between the door and the window.

Popular beliefs caution against hanging a mirror in front of the bed, as it is believed to bring bad luck, disrupt sleep, or even lead to depression.

Other beliefs

According to ancient Scandinavian beliefs, during the night, a sleeping person leaves their body, and evil spirits enter through open windows and doors to siphon off energy. This can result in feelings of apathy, fatigue, and weakness.

While ancient Scandinavian beliefs permit sleeping with your feet facing the door, one condition is essential: the door must be tightly closed.

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