Why you shouldn't sleep on your stomach: it applies to men as well

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Sleeping on the stomach for a long time is harmful to health

The habit of sleeping on your stomach can lead to serious health problems. According to experts, this is an unnatural position for the body. The lungs, cervical and lumbar spine, and cardiovascular system are just a partial list of organs that will suffer from frequent stomach sleeping.

The situation will worsen if you put a massive pillow under your head. OBOZREVATEL figured out why it's harmful to sleep on your stomach and how this position threatens women.

Why sleeping on your stomach is harmful

Prolonged sleep on the stomach will affect the functioning of the lungs. They will shrink and will not be able to fully expand. And this, in turn, will lead to the fact that the body will receive little oxygen. This will put a strain on the cardiovascular system.

If you like to put soft, massive pillows under your head, your spine will suffer. Lying on your stomach, the cervical and lumbar spine will receive more stress. This can lead to a deterioration in overall health.

Pressure also increases on the bladder, so you may wake up more often because of the urge.

Danger for women

Doctors say that prolonged sleep on the stomach is especially dangerous for women. It is about poor circulation due to pressure on the chest. This can lead to the development of threatening pathological processes.

Pressure on the ovaries can cause problems with reproductive functions.

Sleeping on your stomach will also negatively affect your beauty. Your face will be wrinkled and creased in the morning. In addition, it can cause skin problems.

How to sleep on your stomach correctly

Experts say that you don't have to give up sleeping on your stomach altogether, especially if this is your favorite position. You just need to adjust it a little.

First, get used to sleeping on a very thin pillow, or better yet, without one at all. This will reduce pressure on the lower back and neck. Women are advised to put a pillow under their stomaches and hips. It is better to bend one leg at the knee to reduce pressure on the back and internal organs.

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